• How can I weave my passion in life into the announcement?
  • What types of messages reflect our personality as a couple?
  • When do I choose subtlety or extravagance?

You already know that most engagements are accompanied by sparkling engagement rings. But that does not mean that your beautiful ring is the only way to announce your happy message to the world. These creative messages show off your stylish engagement rings but simultaneously emphasise your personality. Which personalised notice matches our individuality?

How can I weave my passion in life into the announcement?

Your passions, hobbies and preferences make a stunning backdrop for your engagement rings. Many just send out stylised photos of the rings, but you make them part of a whole. Do you love coffee? Then sharing a mug of the steaming beverage with your engagement rings facing the lens is the perfect way of combining personality with romance. Can you not go a week without a lovely game of Scrabble? Spell out your message with the engagement rings replacing the O-tile. However, always make sure the hobby or passion you choose reflects both of you for the perfect romantic message.

Similarly, you can also easily add humour to the mix. Put your perfect engagement rings on a furry pet to spread the message or let an action figure don the precious piece of jewellery. 

What types of messages reflect our personality as a couple?

How can the announcement reflect who we are as a couple? You do not have to restrict yourself to a shared hobby or single passion for a suitable engagement message. Your entire lifestyle can be revealed in one perfect image. Your engagement rings need not even be a part of the equation. A sporty couple on a romantic tandem ride through nearby fields says so much more about who you are than a sole engagement rings. For the nature-loving couple, a classy outdoor photoshoot is just the thing.

Would you prefer something more traditional? A beautifully written and subtle save the date card perfectly captures everything you need to say without going overboard. And it saves the date to boot.

When do I choose subtlety or extravagance?

Your engagement announcement is perfect for expressing your personality in terms of theme, but the complete atmosphere of the message can also be perfected. An extravagant sporty couple could easily utilise bright popping colours on their tandem pic, while the more introverted couple could choose black and white tones in which to capture their ride. Moreover, a black and white picture emphasises the shimmer of your engagement rings without overshadowing the rest. A toned-down portrait of a black and white embrace will make your ring pop and emphasises your loving connection at the same time.

What can I do to find the perfect style of announcement for us as a couple? How can I find the perfect engagement rings for my partner? Ask our diamond experts for guidance in your jewellery choice.

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