• How can I ethically invest in diamonds?
  • What’s the best place to buy investment diamonds?
  • What’s the value of an investment in diamonds?
  • When do I sell my diamonds?


Investing is often a hard decision. When’s the best time to invest? Who can I turn to for the right investment? You probably already knew that raw materials are a good investment. They are very crisis resistant. Diamonds are the most reliable of all the raw materials. How do I start an investment in diamonds? You can discover it here. 

How can I ethically invest in diamonds?

If you’re looking for a certified trader, you can be sure you’ll get ethically responsible diamonds. International organisations as GIA and IGI ensure that abuses such as blood diamonds are completely removed from the world. Antwerp is a worldwide leader in ethically responsible diamonds. Therefore, it’s best to buy from a Belgian trader.

What’s the best place to buy investment diamonds?

Where do I buy all of my investments? At a reliable source. This is not different when buying diamonds. The certified trader is an expert in everything that has something to do with the important 4C’s. You can be sure that your investment is in good hands and that you get what you deserve. Do you want to buy your diamonds or diamond engagement ring online? You can also find certificates here.

What’s the value of an investment in diamonds?

You buy diamonds primarily for the stable monetary value. They are even more stable than money. Choose loose diamonds to be able to resell them quickly and invest smaller amounts. If you buy loose stones, keep them in your safe and wait until they rise enough in value to resell them. This way you invest less and you can still enjoy a return.

In addition to the monetary value, diamonds also have a lot of symbolic appearance. An investment in diamond resonates with others as status and luxury. Also as a gift to a loved one loose diamonds have a lot of meaning. Even if they are not part of a jewel.

When do I sell my I diamonds?

To get a lot of return from your investment, you have to be patient. The diamond price is rising steadily, so it is better to wait a few years for optimal returns. You can also set a certain amount. If the diamond price has risen to that amount, you sell.

The most important thing about buying diamonds is that you can adjust the investment entirely to your needs. You can sell everything, or a part. You can wait for the right moment, or determine a price in advance. You sell your diamonds simply when you want. Do you no longer want to get rid of your investment? Eventually you can also have them incorporated into a jewel. This way you can get a unique and valuable jewel with your own raw materials at a lower price. Do I opt for a breath-taking ring? Then you only pay for the craftsmanship and precious metal with your own loose stones.

Would you like to buy diamonds? Do you want to process your previous investment in a jewel? Contact BAUNAT for advice from certified diamond experts. 


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