• Why should I opt for an investment in platinum?
  • Which form should I choose for my investment?
  • How can I opt for the most added value?
  • How can I resell my investment?

Which investment will result in a high level of return with little risk? Raw materials. Opt for raw materials like platinum and diamonds which will fly below the radar with most investors. This won’t just result in you opting for the fast lane, you will also be one step ahead of other investors by buying platinum and diamonds online at a lower price.

Why should I opt for an investment in platinum?

The relative obscurity of platinum means it’s cheap to buy when compared to gold. The enormous potential applications in industry have resulted in even greater demand, whilst the supply has steadily fallen. This means your returns will continue to rise over time, usually with minimal corrections and decreases. The intrinsic value of precious metals and diamonds means they will continue to be valuable, making sure you can be assured of a continued profitable investment.

Investing in hard assets will make you completely autonomous. No dependence on third parties if your precious metal or diamonds are stored in your own safe. You therefore have complete control of your investment.

Which forms do I choose for my investment?

Which investment in platinum do I opt for? That will depend on the amount. Would you like to invest a small amount? Then platinum coins are the way to go. They don’t weigh a great deal and you can choose how many you want to buy yourself. How do I invest a large sum of money? This is best done with complete bars of platinum. The most common bars weigh a kilo and demand a large entry sum. This means you will have a great deal of value in your possession which will eventually generate a lot of money. However, they are harder to sell on compared to other forms.

How do I opt for the most added value?

Along with diamonds, platinum accessories and platinum jewellery combine the intrinsic value of both substances. This will ensure you have a valuable item which also has an aesthetic and practical use. Everyone will be able to admire your investment when you wear the jewellery. You can even create some added value by buying your platinum jewellery with diamonds online. This will allow you to skip all the expensive interim steps and you will end up with a much more valuable item for the same investment as with a physical jeweller.

Buying diamonds online is also a great deal faster and easier. You can simply choose the perfect item from the online collection and arrange for it to be delivered to your home fully insured.

How can I resell my investment?

Where can I go to resell my platinum?

You can immediately sell once you are satisfied with your return. The easiest and fastest way of doing this is by contacting professional experts. These are usually dealers in precious metals, diamonds or jewellery. The jeweller can buy your platinum bars in order to turn it into jewellery. They will provide you with a current price and will subsequently process the metal. Platinum coins are often sold on to other investors.

How do I sell my diamond jewellery?

Jewellery is best sold back to a jeweller. They will have an idea of the craftsmanship involved. Ordinary buyers will not take this into account. However, they will carefully follow the current rate. Compare different buyers. Not just the different dealers, but different sectors will also offer different prices. Contacting different reliable partners will mean you can rely on the best possible price for your investment.

Where can I find a reliable partner for my investment? How much should I invest in platinum or diamonds online? What should I pay attention to when making a purchase? Acquire all the expertise you need from BAUNAT’s diamond experts.

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