• How can I pick a ring to fit his style?
  • What do I mind when buying the ring for him?
  • What alternative ring types are there?

Rings and other diamond jewellery for him have been in vogue for quite some time, a trend which does not appear to be going anytime soon. Although a bold choice in and of its own, a ring for him can suit any style and taste, as long as you know where to look. How can I surprise him with a ring for his birthday or the holidays? What do I pay attention to?

How can I pick a ring to fit his style?

As with choosing the perfect ring for her, finding the perfect ring for him is all about personality. Is he extravagant? Does he like emphasizing his own unique style? Then take note of such style icons as Johnny Depp and go all out on his unique ring. Coloured precious metals also stand out and radiate the perfect alternative vibe without overpowering the rest of his look. Is his daily style more toned-down? Simple designs without diamonds have worked well as wedding bands for decades and have always been considered classy. Just make sure he will love it despite it sometimes being mistaken for a wedding band.

Adding a subtle diamond can take your ring to a whole new level but could also easily be confused for an engagement ring for him, so again make sure he will love it none the less before purchasing it.

What do I mind when buying the ring for him?

After choosing the perfect style, you must consider if he would like to wear it daily. If so, consider more practical factors such as which precious metal to choose and what type of setting you should opt for when going for a diamond. Men more often work with their hands than women, so consider sturdy platinum over elegant white gold for durability. If he plans on wearing it for special occasions only, different styles are open to consideration. As many men do not own an extensive jewellery collection, try to match his ring to the accessories he already owns. Does he love his rose gold diamond cufflinks? Then pick a rose gold diamond ring to match.

What alternative ring types are there?

A sparkling ring need not contain diamonds if he prefers something plainer. Milgrain edges to his ring add a special detail without putting the ring too much in the foreground, resulting in a subtle sparkle without diamonds. Large signet rings have a very particular aura of their own. They can be easily combined with other rings for the more outspoken gentleman but are best avoided for a more toned-down style. Another classic and masculine ring style making a comeback is the pinky ring. They go especially well with vintage clothing styles reminiscent of such style icons as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley. Moreover, many men opt for a stylish and masculine signet ring with a family crest on their pinky finger.

Where can I find the right ring for him? How can I make sure he will love it and it will fit his style? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for the perfect ring.

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