Coloured diamonds were given their extraordinary colour millions of years ago. They are not just valuable on the financial market, but also as a result of the emotional meaning people have been giving the various different colours throughout the centuries. You can therefore choose diamonds which perfectly suit you, both where their meaning and your personal style are concerned.

Why would I choose coloured diamonds?

Buying coloured diamonds isn’t just something you do on a whim. Their rare nature means they are a great deal more expensive than the well-known white diamond. They give each piece of jewellery more personality and, at the same time, also represent a valuable investment. Its uniqueness constantly rises in value. Irrespective of whether you wear it or store it in the safe.

Buying coloured diamonds is equal to owning some of the wonders of nature. You’re not just investing in a rare piece of jewellery, but you will also be in possession of one of the most exclusive products nature has to offer.

How can I buy coloured diamonds?

The process of buying diamonds is the same for every colour. The diamond expert will present you with the perfect diamond at the right price. This will ensure you don’t just have a rare coloured diamond, but also one of high quality and one which is priced correctly. Do pay close attention to the precious metals you choose to combine with the coloured diamond. As should be case with every beautiful combination, the colours must be in harmony. A setting in platinum or white gold will work with every stone, whichever colour you choose.

What if I would prefer to choose a different precious metal? Then the jeweller will help you choose a metal which can form a nice whole with the diamond you have selected. You can therefore mix and match until you have created the perfect result, ultimately giving you the exact accessory you were looking for.

How do diamonds get their colour?

Diamonds were first created millions of years ago through physical processes. A combination of pressure and temperature transformed carbon atoms into the beautiful rock we now know and love. Coloured diamonds take on their very rare appearance as a result of the presence of substances other than just carbon.

Boron results in the beautiful blue shine. Yellow is the result of nitrogen and hydrogen is responsible for the red and pink shades. Uranium forms part of the green diamond.

Which alternative gems can I choose?

Rare coloured diamonds are a fantastic investment, but the price can be significant. Are you looking for an extraordinary colour at a somewhat lower price? Then you could opt for a less rare and lower priced gem in the right colours. Rubies and sapphires will allow you to replace the red and blue diamond respectively. A clear green shade can be achieved with the emerald. How can I still find that diamond look without a major investment? Surround your gem with smaller white diamonds for a diamond sparkle. Plus this beautiful edge will ensure your gem will look even bigger.

Which diamonds should I choose? How can I make her piece of jewellery more unique? Ask BAUNAT’s experts for advice for the perfect personal piece.
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