• What do I take into account before contacting the jeweller?
  • What types of diamond jewellery should I choose?
  • What else is there to consider?

Strong women today need not wait until they are gifted diamond jewellery. Reward yourself for an ambitious career move, splurge on a birthday present for yourself or buy diamond jewellery just because. Whether you are starting a jewellery collection from scratch, updating the collection you already have or searching for that one show-stopper: here is how you find the perfect diamond jewellery.

What do I take into account before contacting the jeweller?

Before you take action, you need to make sure you really know your own style by asking the right questions. What type of wardrobe do you wear the most? Are you working on your career in business casual attire or do you prefer suits and heels? Is your spare time spent in boho chic dress or a sweat suit? Make sure you invest in jewellery that is versatile and that can be worn whenever you feel like it without clashing with your personal style.

Statement rings dazzle, but only when you are comfortable enough to wear them. You will want to show off your diamond jewellery, so make sure you can.

What types of diamond jewellery should I choose?

After determining your style, you can start deciding what type of diamond jewellery would match it. The suit you wear to work is easily combined with a sporty and shimmering tennis bracelet but can just as well be complemented with classy and discrete diamond earrings. You also need to make sure your accessories match your activities as well as your style. A chunky statement ring is a great investment for someone who likes cocktails after work and the opera on weekends, but an avid rock climber might want to look elsewhere for that ideal piece.

Make sure your jewellery not only matches your wardrobe style, but your lifestyle as well. Look for dazzling and practical combined in one timeless accessory.

What else is there to consider?

After deciding on the type of jewellery, it is time to research your jeweller. You are looking for someone whom can guarantee quality and offers some type of insurance in case something goes wrong. You also need a clear return policy, in case you decide on a different piece altogether, and a great after-sales policy. Lastly, online jewellers offer better prices than brick and mortar shops because of the lack of expensive overhead. They have the added advantage of broad online collections you can easily browse whenever it suits you. When buying your own jewellery, always keep in mind you deserve the best and make sure your jeweller agrees on that.

Where can I find the perfect diamond jewellery for my style? Who can help me pick out the right piece? Find the guidance you need with the diamond experts at BAUNAT.

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