Princess Diana’s beautiful halo engagement ring is truly one of the most beautiful rings of all times. This special ring is worn today by Kate Middleton as it was given to her by Prince William after he proposed to her back in 2010. But how could such a fascinating piece of jewellery be considered so controversial?

  • The halo ring: the timeless classic
  • What made this very special royal engagement ring so controversial?

The halo ring: the timeless classic

A halo ring is essentially a solitaire diamond or gemstone that is set in the middle of a halo of smaller stones that surround it and complement it.

The centre stone can be different shapes, from cushion to oval, emerald or even marquise.

Generally, the halo is composed of considerably smaller stones that are prong set tightly along the centre stone, surrounding it completely.

The halo ring can be designed in the following ways: the centre stone can be a diamond, surrounded by diamonds or by coloured gemstones such as rubies or emeralds for a little more colour. Or the solitaire could be a coloured gemstone encircled with white diamonds, thereby leaving the centre stage for the gemstone itself.

This is the perfect design if you wish to add a lot of sparkle. It is also a good option when you decide to buy a smaller centre stone, as the halo gives the whole ring a bigger feel, thereby adding effect to the final design.

What made this very special royal engagement ring so controversial?

Kate Middleton’s engagement ring consists of a magnificent 12ct. Ceylon sapphire that is set in white gold and surrounded with 14 beautiful diamonds.

It is undoubtedly a timeless classic, an elegant ring that is worthy of royalty, which is why we are all curious to know what actually made it controversial.

When Prince Charles proposed to Diana, he presented her with a few rings from the crown jeweller Garrard and it is Diana who personally chose the sapphire halo ring for her engagement.

The controversy stems from the fact that apparently the ring was featured on Garrard’s catalogue and in a way, available for anyone who wanted to buy it.

The ring was not bespoke for Diana and it was not designed especially for her, which for the Royal family quickly became quite controversial and was unseen until then.

But this remarkable sapphire ring was Diana’s lifetime favourite, as she continued wearing it even as her and Prince Charles had divorced. It is as unique and elegant as she was, and looks perfect on Kate Middleton today.

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