Been dreaming about a bra set with diamonds for you or your girlfriend? This is your chance. Exclusive lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret, will present not one, but two opulent versions, each set with 3.400 precious gems like rubies, diamonds and sapphires.

Exclusive diamonds, beautiful company

Like every year, the lingerie brand presents her ‘Fantasy Bras’ during the Christmas period. This year the bras are worn by Brazilian top model Adriana Lima and Polish-Italian beauty Allessandra Ambrosio. It’s the first time that not one but two ‘Victoria’s Secret Angels’ show the prestigious lingerie on the catwalk.

Pretty amazing, just like its price tag. Whoever wants to show of these sparkling unmentionables in the bedroom has to cough up about two million euros. Consider it a bargain. Last year’s model was priced at about 8 million euros. We all know these bras are a marketing stunt. Since 1996, when the first ‘Fantasy Bra’ was shown, not a single one has been sold.

3.400 gems and 18-karat gold

De Fantasy Bra are designed by Long Island’s Jewellers and are made of 18-karat white and yellow gold and 3.400 gems and some 142-karat white and yellow diamonds.

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