Have you ever wondered if there was one style of earrings that you could buy that was so versatile that you could wear for every occasion? The answer: yes there is, it is called hoops. But what are hoops and how different in style can they actually be? Let’s discover this together in this article, as we delve into a brief history of when they were first worn and which are the best styles for each occasion.

What are hoop earrings?

Archaeologists have found hoop earrings that were as old as 2600 B.C., belonging to ancient Sumerian women, from modern-day Iraq. The Sumerians clearly favoured what we call the classic hoop style, but it didn't stop there as it was later found in different cultures around the world. From Hmong women in Vietnam to a tribe called Gadaba in India, through Nubians in Northern Africa, that a civilization of the 4th century B.C. Hoop earrings have been loved and worn by opposite cultures.

Even in ancient Egypt there are remnants of both men and women wearing hoop earrings. It is also known that Egyptian royalty wore gold hoops because it was strongly believed earrings enhanced their beauty.
In practice, hoop earrings are earrings in the form of a circular tube or band of metal. Hoops can be very thin or very wide, they can be really small or touching your shoulders and they can be of different textures. In short, any style is possible with these versatile earrings.

What are the main styles for the best occasions?

Whether you wear them daily or only on your nights out, the hoop is so versatile that there are different styles for every occasion.

The mini hoops: are the ideal hoops for an effortless style for those who do not like to change earrings on a daily basis. On top of that, they are so timeless, they can be worn with everything.

The small to medium sized hoops: they make for a lovely accent while still remaining quite subtle. Whether you have short or long hair, medium sized hoop earrings are great for dinners with friends and glamorous city-trips.

The refined and brilliant hoops: those are the special ones for dinner parties or for a very special celebration. These are the ones that make you sparkle through the night as the hoops are covered in beautiful diamonds or gemstones.

Whether you like one or the other more, the one point we can all agree on is that it is important to play with sizes, textures and diamonds to have the best hoops for your favourite life moments.

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