Coloured gemstones and their healing properties

It is often believed, in particular when it comes to coloured minerals, that they have healing powers and that they can bring to the bearer positive or negative experiences or energies.

There are many websites that offer information about the lore of most gemstones that have been found, including how to wear the stone and where on your body. They provide interesting information that is somewhat different from the standard scientific data available about stones.

The lore generally has to do with the colour of the stone and not the family of the stone itself. For instance, if you take amethyst and citrine, they both come from the same family, quartz, but they are said to have different properties.

Amethyst is said to bring calm, balance and peace and lead to prosperity and abundance. Citrine is said to be a joyful stone, like a sunshine, that brings warmth and light.

Choosing a coloured gemstone for an extraordinary colourful solitaire ring

When considering the purchase of a solitairering, one can think out of the box and opt for colour and in particular coloured gemstones other than diamonds.

We would like to propose two in particular: the sapphire and the ruby.

Just like with the example mentioned above, both sapphires and rubies are part of the same family Corundum; but they are quite distinct and their healing properties are quite different also.

  • Sapphires and their endless heavenly blue: from the beginning of time to today, sapphires, thanks to their fabulous hue, were believed to bring protection, wealth and spiritual insight. It has also always been considered a symbol of power and strength as well as kindness and wisdom.

Choosing a Sapphire as the center stone for a solitairering is a wonderful classic, whether you choose to set it in white or yellow gold, it stands out beautifully. Of course there are different hues for sapphires from deep blue to a purplish or lighter blue, but which ever gemstone you actually choose, as a solitaire ring it will most certainly look pleasing to the eye.

  • Rubies and their blood red: the ruby has always been considered a stone of nobility, and because of its glowing red hue and it fieriness, it has been revered throughout history by many different cultures as a talisman of passion, prosperity and protection.

Choosing a ruby solitaire ring would be an exquisite colourful alternative to diamonds. It is the colour of passion as indicated earlier and whether it is St Valentine’s day or not, it is the perfect gift for someone who loves intense, fiery stones that blow you away.


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