Most couples do prefer the special feeling that is linked to the surprise and the fact that your partner has chosen alone the perfect ring to propose with. But if you’re uncertain, you have this type of relationship where you share everything equally and would rather be 100% sure, here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when shopping together.

  • Do some research before
  • Discuss budget and timings

Do some research before

We’ve already discussed in other articles the importance of doing some research prior to going out there because of the myriad of options possible. And the same rule applies if you have decided to purchase the engagement ring together. Although you may think that because your loved one is actually included in the process that its easier, but it may actually be not.

Have a look at online jewellery retailers, visit various blogs and social network apps such as pinterest or instagram to get a better feel of the designs you love.

Start by looking at options such as the colour of gold you like. It can be red, rose, yellow or white, or maybe you prefer platinum.

Then you need to consider the stone you would like to set on the ring; whether you prefer the classical colourless diamonds, the glamorous fancy coloured diamonds or would rather choose a coloured stone such as sapphire or ruby. Without forgetting the shape of the stone and considering the various options such as round, princess, oval, heart, cushion or others.

Last but not least, think of the styles you’ve always dreamed of. Is it a romantic solitaire with one diamond, or the extra sparkle with a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the central diamond? Another option are the designer engagement rings that really give a unique feel to the style and originality.

The choice is yours and given all the above, it is important to get an idea about what you want.

Discuss budget and timings

After looking at all of the above and the various prices of engagement ring, now comes the time to openly discuss the budget you have at hand.

Some couples even decide to split the cost of the engagement ring just to make it more equal, but whether you paying together or not, the budget needs to be decided upon and clear before you set out to find your beautiful ring.

Time. Yes: time also needs to be defined because you do not want to rush nor be rushed in a choice that is not you and that you may regret later. Don’t settle for the first thing you find unless your heart says so, that is why patience and time are needed.

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