• White gold earrings are timeless and suit every outfit.
  • Yellow gold earrings are the perfect summer accessory for women with a warmer skin tone.
  • Gold earrings in red gold have gained a lot of popularity in the past years.

Are you all dressed up to dine out? Or will you attend an important meeting in the office? Gold earrings will definitely make your look complete! Whether you are going out or to the office: gold earrings can easily be combined with every outfit and are therefore a must have in every woman’s basic jewellery set. Moreover, gold earrings are found in all shapes, sizes and colours. Do you have a preference for white, yellow or red gold?

White gold earrings

Did you know that white gold is only used as an alternative for platinum since the 20’s? Even though both materials are very similar, there are nevertheless some very important differences between white gold and platinum. For example, the rhodium layer may disappear slightly over time, giving the ring a light yellow hue (especially at the bottom). When you buy a pair of gold earrings in white gold, you can be sure that they will suit every outfit. Platinum is rarer , compared to white gold, and therefore more expensive. With what you save, you can buy gold earrings with a slightly bigger diamond.

Yellow gold earrings

Yellow gold is extremely colour-resistant and very popular with young and old. Gold earrings in yellow gold are also the perfect accessory for women with a warmer skin tone. If you have a rather cool skin tone, it is better to opt for gold earrings in white gold. But whichever colour you choose; you will shine anyway!

Red gold earrings

Unusual? Nevertheless, red gold has gained a lot of popularity the past few years. Gold earrings in red gold turn out to be the favourite accessory for ladies with red hair. And a lot of vintage jewels are manufactured in red gold. When you choose for a more retro style, you will definitely find a bracelet or necklace that will perfectly suit your gold earrings in red gold.

Which colour of gold earrings do you prefer? Let yourself be inspired by our wide selection of gold earrings or contact us for more information.

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