• Who was spotted with XXL earrings?
  • When to opt for minimalistic earrings?
  • Which animals fit in a trendy jewellery collection?

What are the newest trends for gold earrings? Which celebrities were spotted wearing them? If you want to be trendy, don’t just update your wardrobe but also your jewellery box. Get inspired by these 3 trends for this fall and our extensive catalogue of gold earrings.

Who was spotted with XXL earrings?

Beware: size does matter! At least when you’re talking about earrings. Rihanna got the attention multiple times with oversized hoops and also Beyoncé was spotted with XXL earrings. According to fashion watchers it’s time to add a couple of outstanding gold earrings to your jewellery collection.

Go for hoops in white gold set with diamonds. In case you cannot immediately find the gold earrings you’re looking for? Get your dreamed earrings tailor made for that extra personal touch.

When to opt for minimalistic earrings?

It’s not because oversized statement earrings are spotted more on the catwalks and red carpets that minimalistic gold earrings are out. Everything depends on the combination. Do you choose to stack fashionable and stylish bracelets? Then this will be your trendy eye catcher and it’s best to opt for minimalistic gold earrings.

In this case, diamond studs are what you’re looking for. They also fit perfectly with each look and outfit. No matter how fashion changes, with diamond studs you’re always fashionable and stylish. No wonder that you can also find them in the jewellery collection of Kate Middleton.

Which animals fit in a trendy jewellery collection?

Animals have been popular for a while. Think about the many leopard and tiger prints you can find in your clothing boutique. Also for gold earrings, designers find their inspiration in nature. A nice example is the Monarca collection, for which the exceptional monarch butterfly was used as an inspiration in numerous designs.

Celebrities as Scarlett Johansson and Tyra Banks were spotted with hair clips in the shape of a butterfly. Make this look yours by personalizing it with butterfly earrings.

Which trends fits your personal style best? Find inspiration in the extensive catalogue of diamond earrings or contact the experts of BAUNAT via phone, mail or chat.

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