Not all gold and diamond rings are stackable, in fact you need 2 criteria to be met in order to qualify as stackable: the rings need to flush together and they need to match.

  • What are stackable rings?
  • How could they actually qualify as stackable?

What are stackable rings?

Commonly, women wear one ring per finger. With the exception for the wedding ring finger where there can be 2 to 3 rings such as the wedding ring, the engagement ring and eventually an anniversary ring. But this does not mean that they are necessarily stackable, especially for the more classic and old school design types. They were bought separately and that was it.

For the past decade already, a growing trend has developed and it is still ongoing, the trend of having stackable, matching rings - which is basically several rings worn on the same finger one on top of the other. These rings together form one larger piece of jewellery, giving the wearer an original touch. They don't have to be gold and diamond rings, but that of course is your choice.

How would they actually qualify as stackable?

To actually qualify as a stackable ring, the rings need to flush together. This means there should not be any space left between the metals of the rings; they should practically blend into one another.

That result of course is not always easy to achieve, therefore another option is to ensure they match in style and colour to create a similar effect.

Stackable rings can be simple designs to add a glow to the wearer or they can be dazzling gold and diamond rings that really make a statement.

Wearing several rings on one finger is a fun way to wear jewellery, it is modern and elegant and most of all just gives you the possibility of wearing several beautiful rings at once.

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