• The origin of the bridesmaid tradition
  • Suggestions for suitable gifts for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaids, today usually long-time friends and siblings, provide valuable support to the bride on her big day. The tradition of bridesmaids goes back to the Middle Ages; they were originally for distracting and confusing evil spirits away from the bride. That’s why the dress for the exclusively unmarried bridesmaids were chosen to be as similar to the bride’s gown as possible. Even though this concept is, of course, outdated today, every bride is happy to have friends to help her with preparations and it is therefore customary to give all bridesmaids a very special present before or after the wedding. Regardless of whether a small gift bag or classic diamond stud earrings, there are plenty of nice options to properly reward the bridesmaids, depending on the budget.

  1. Gifting the bridesmaids’ dresses: if you, as the bride, bought the dresses for the bridesmaids, they cannot usually be returned after the wedding and are therefore a good present.
  2. Gift boxes: put together a small gift box for each bridesmaid. A particularly nice example is a personalised wooden box with a photo of you and the bridesmaid pasted into the lid, together with a small inscription.
  3. Accessories: these may be hair slides, special shoes for the bridesmaids, bracelets or other small gifts to be worn at the wedding.
  4. Jewellery: you want to give your bridesmaids a very special reward and give them a really valuable gift? Jewellery, such as diamond stud earrings express your appreciation like hardly anything else.
  5. Keepsake bouquets: in contrast to bouquets of flowers, keepsake bouquets are made of artificial flowers, felt, small accessories and costume jewellery. They will never wilt and are a wonderful reminder of the wedding.
  6. Hair and make-up: do you want to do something nice for the bridesmaids beforehand? Treat them to a visit to the hairdresser or have someone come to do both your and your bridesmaids’ make-up professionally.
  7. Don’t forget the flower girls! You can’t forget the little bridesmaids who diligently scatter flowers. Age-appropriate gift bags are the perfect reward.
  8. Perfume: give your bridesmaids a fragrance that will always remind them of the beautiful wedding day spent together.

It doesn’t matter what you give your bridesmaids, whether diamond jewellery, such as diamond stud earrings or a small gift; the most important thing is that it comes from the heart. A handwritten card with a few personal words, a joint souvenir photo; it is the small details that make the gift something special.

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