Diamonds, whether you are looking at purchasing a diamond for investment purposes or as an expression of love, diamonds can quickly become a big financial commitment.

In order to feel reassured in your purchase, in terms of the characteristics of the diamond or ensuring it is part of the Kimberly process and has therefore been sourced ethically, there is one thing you can request: a certificate by a well known laboratory world wide.

The GIA certificate is the worlds most respected and impartial scientific assessment you could ask for regarding a diamond’s quality and authenticity.

How does it work and what is stated on the certificate?

GIA - the Gemological Institute of America, is the most well regarded entity in the world, it houses the best diamond graders and expert gemologists; and provides you with just about any course and training you may wish to take, to learn more about the precious minerals available on this earth.

There are two types of certificates, the GIA Diamond dossier, which is more concise and the GIA Diamond Grading Report which details absolutely everything you may need to know about the stone.

A GIA certificate provides you with a lot of information, which is actually based on the famous 4C’s that were also created and defined by the GIA - Cut, Clarity, Colour and Carat weight.

The certificate outlines the exact measurements of the stone, including the table percentage, its total depth and so forth. Furthermore, it tells you if there is fluorescence and contains a diagram which show the unique inclusions or other characteristics that a diamond may have on its outside and internally.

It will of course highlight if the stone has been treated in any way or if it is a synthetic stone.

The importance of a certificate for Antwerp diamantaires

This certificate is not only crucial for customers looking at purchasing a diamond from a retailer, but its also holds the same importance higher up in the supply chain for traders and diamantaires.

Antwerp diamantaires trade almost all diamonds with a carat weight of 0.30cts and up with a certificate. It is of course possible to purchase a diamond without certificate and to trust the company in terms of ethics.

Nevertheless, Antwerp diamantaires believe it is more practical to trade diamonds with a cert that clearly states what the diamond is, making transactions also faster.

BAUNAT, a leading diamantaire and online jewellery sales company in Antwerp, strongly believes in the use of certificates to guarantee the authenticity of a diamond and its qualities.


Don’t hesitate to contact BAUNAT for any queries regarding the purchase of a diamond, whether for investment purposes or to please a loved one.

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