Not even a hundred years ago, bachelors and bachelorettes in their twenties were eyed suspiciously. Being in a relationship or having children without being married was regarded as unthinkable and immoral. Getting married as quickly as possible was the main goal for men and women alike.

Fortunately, a lot has changed since then. Education now plays a very important role in our society, and thanks to more flexible working schedules and better day care facilities, professional success and raising a family are no longer mutually exclusive. For women, marriage is no longer the only path to financial security. On the contrary, women are making a career of their own, which allows them to be successful without needing a husband or an engagement ring on the finger.

So why not getting married at the age of 30 or 40? After all, a late marriage offers many advantages:

  1. Each partner has built up his own professional career. Financial independence and self-reliance are the ideal basis for a happy relationship and marriage.
  1. During your twenties, the budget for a dream wedding is often very limited because of college, training and the first professional steps. That does not mean that your wedding will less special, but without tight financial restrictions it simply feels a bit more beautiful. A wedding involves many small details, such as a professional photographer, a wedding planner and a band that makes you dance until the morning hours.
  1. If you are already in a happy relationship and have children together, the question whether your partner is really the love of your life will no doubt be answered with a heartfelt "yes”.
  1. Marrying when you are 30 or 40 is more relaxed. Couples who have met each other at a very young age, often have a feeling of having missed out on something later in life. When you are 30 or 40 years old, you will have life experience and a clearer vision of what you want your future to look like.
  1. Last but not least, the engagement ring can be a bit more expensive than at a younger age. There is more room for either a classic solitaire with a larger diamond or an even more luxurious design.

Getting married when you are 30 or 40? It is now the most natural thing in the world! Moreover, according to recent statistics, couples who are getting married at a later age are happier in the long run, compared to people getting married the age of 20. BAUNAT offers an broad selection of exquisite engagement rings, ensuring that the question of all questions is answered with a heartfelt "yes!".

Are you unsure whether you are choosing the right ring or not? The BAUNAT team is happy to advise and assist you with your purchase

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