Many women dream of a white wedding. But is this about the colour of their dress or the colour of the beach where they say 'I do'? Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to get married in a sunny or exotic destination. Getting married abroad has numerous advantages, but is it legal? What sort of costs are we talking about and which location should I choose? Find out here.

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Why should you get married abroad?

Outdoor weddings are becoming more and more popular Unfortunately even for summer weddings there is no guarantee that it will be a sunny day in Belgium. To guaranteea sunny wedding day it is best to go abroad.
A wedding abroad can be a wonderful start to the honeymoon
It is an especially good choice if you met abroad. Nowadays it is not unusual to marry someone with a different nationality. At around 15% of Belgian weddings one of the two partners is not Belgian.
A wedding abroad on a beautiful beach. - BAUNAT
A third reason not to get married in your own country is the intimate and personal atmosphere of a wedding abroad. Often only the closest friends and family are invited to a wedding abroad. This also makes it easier to actively involve all the guests in the ceremony and you can celebrate your wedding together for several days.

Popular and unique locations for weddings abroad

There are many unique locations with untouched nature around the world where you can celebrate a very romantic wedding. We will present three of them.

  • Dreams Curaçao Resort: The Curaçao brings to mind white sandy beaches, an expansive ocean, and delicious cocktails. All this makes it an ideal wedding location. Many resorts even offer a package where a beach wedding is included in the trip.

Wedding abroad in typical Moroccan dress. - BAUNAT

  • Selman Resort: The Selman Resort in Marrakech is another beautiful place where you can get married and enjoy a wonderful holiday. This resort really focuses on wellness with various detox packages.

  • Casa Angelina: Casa Angelina on the Italian Amalfi coast is definitely worth it too. Enjoy the wonderful blue ocean and the mountains in the background. You will almost feel as though you are in Santorini as this hotel is completely built in white.

Special wedding traditions abroad

Different cultures hold on to different traditions. This has always been so and is still the case today. Find out about some fascinating wedding traditions abroad here. In some cultures wedding rings are not even exchanged.

African wedding traditions

In Africa it is still traditional to give a dowry. Aside from this tradition, there are also others which are unfamiliar to us. In Botswana 'go laya' is an important part of the wedding. This is where the older women take the young bride under their wing to teach her everything about marriage and motherhood. When a couple from Equatorial Guinea get married, the man and woman usually move in with the family of the man until they are financially independent. There are exuberant celebrations to welcome the bride into the family and there is dancing throughout the three-day long wedding.

Asian wedding traditions

Wedding celebrations and symbols in Asia are completely different to the European ones and can also vary greatly between the Asian countries.
Wedding abroad in typical Chinese dress. - BAUNAT
Before the establishment of the People's Republic of China it was customary for children to be married off. This is fortunately no longer the case, but parents are still heavily involved. They often taken on the role of matchmaker or intermediary for their son or daughter.
In China the colour red is also of central importance. The bride wears a red dress, the wedding bed is made up in red, and even the wine glasses are held together with a red string.

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Wedding abroad in typical Indian dress. - BAUNAT
Wedding planning in India varies from religion to religion and according to the region. Parents often still decide on the future partner of their son or daughter.
The many traditions associated with weddings in India result in exuberant wedding celebrations that can last for days and cost a lot of money. On the special day the bride wears a traditional red sari that is fastened to the wedding sash of the man.

European wedding traditions

Even on our own continent many countries have specific wedding traditions and follow unwritten rules which we barely know about. At an Italian wedding it is traditional that the bride may not wear gold until the moment that the bridegroom slides the wedding ring onto her finger. This supposedly brings misfortune. Often the bridegroom carries a small piece of iron in his trouser pocket to ward off evil spirits.
Wedding abroad in typical Scottish dress. - BAUNAT
It is unheard of for womento go to a wedding in the United Kingdom without a hat. It is not a particularly big problem to wear white to a wedding in the United Kingdom, but it is best to steer clear of black party clothing.

Is getting married abroad legal?

It will come as no surprise to hear that getting married abroad is only legal subject to the fulfilment of the necessary administrative requirements. It is best to contact the consulate or embassy in good time.

Should you wish for everything to take place abroad, then you still need to have your wedding recognised and registered in Belgium retrospectively. You will need to request the certificates in the country where your wedding takes place for this. This certificate also needs to be drawn up by the authorised authority abroad, be legally valid, and be translated by a sworn translator.
Couple signing the marriage certificate. Getting married abroad is also legal. – BAUNAT
In some countries the authorities require a certificate to prove that there are no impediments to marriage. You can request this document from the Belgian consulate in the country where your wedding takes place. In several countries you need to provide the local authorities with an affidavit which states the marriage regulations from the Belgian Civil Code. You can get this document from the Belgian legal authorities.

The cost of getting married abroad

The exact cost of getting married abroad for you and your guests depends on the location. An untouched coastline in southern Spain is a beautiful location and the plane tickets to get there are not so expensive. A ticket to the Caribbean costs a whole lot more of course.
Invite only close friends and family to keep the cost down. A bigger party in Belgium can follow later
The costs of getting married abroad also depend on the food that you serve. Will you choose an extensive menu in a renowned restaurant or go for something else? The location will determine whether the cost of catering or going to a restaurant is lower or higher than in Belgium.
In countries such as the United States it goes without saying that the bridal couple pay for their guests. This means that getting married abroad costs their guests almost nothing. This tradition is not as strong in Belgium or the Netherlands. So be sure to communicate with your guests well so that everyone is on the same wavelength.

Organising a party abroad

Wedding planner at work. A wedding planner is handy for a wedding abroad. - BAUNAT
Organising a wedding celebration abroad is no walk in the park, especially if you are still in Belgium. So definitely get to your destination a few days ahead to make sure that everything is going well or work with a wedding planner.
There is a lot more to consider with a wedding abroad. You will need to provide accommodation for your guests and maybe even a transfer to and from the airport.

Apps that help to organise the big day

There is plenty of inspiration online to make sure that your wedding celebration is an unforgettable experience. The Bridebook app enables you to create handy to-do lists for example. This way you won't overlook anything.

Appy Couple enables you to easily keep an eye on the guest list. You can even send your invitations with this app. Once your guests are confirmed, you can get started with the seating plan. The Table Plan app does away with complicated work with pen and paper. The Pinterest and Instagram platforms are also invaluable sources of inspiration.

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Where will you get your wedding photos taken?

Getting married abroad comes with another great advantage: wedding photos in unique locations. Make the most of the often stunning landscapes. Beautiful vineyards in France and Italy will definitely create impressive wedding photos. The Norwegian fjords will also create a dazzling wedding photo background.
Wedding photo in a city abroad
You can also get married abroad in a large city. Just take your wedding photos in the middle of the city. A couple in love in wedding clothes creates a stunning effect among the crowds commuting to work.

How many guests can you invite?

The number of guests at a wedding abroad tends to be lower than at a wedding in your own country. This makes sense as there are a lot of costs associated with the journey. Couples who get married abroad usually only invite closefriends and family. They are obviously still free to have a big party later in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Planning your ceremony

Be sure to start planning the ceremony in advance so that you have time to deal with unexpected issues.
Contact an interpreter if necessary, to communicate with the priest or master of ceremonies. This way you will be sure to be on the same page. In other cultures, the ceremony might take place in a different way or else with a different focus. So be sure to take this into account.

Choosing the right wedding rings to add the finishing touch to your wedding abroad

Wedding with and without diamond from BAUNAT, ideal for a wedding abroad
You will still choose the same wedding rings no matter whether you are getting married abroad or in your own country. Choose rings that make you both feel good and that truly reflect your love for each other.

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Types of wedding rings

Your choice of wedding ring will depend on your personal preferences. Will you go for a plain one or something eye-catching like a solitaire diamond? In the past very few wedding rings were set with diamonds. Nowadays more and more women (and men) choose a wedding ring with diamonds though. A diamond wedding ring is often the perfect addition to your engagement ring.
Two men with their wedding ring. Maybe they even got married abroad. - BAUNAT
The possibilities are also endless with precious metal. Red gold creates a distinctly vintage look, while platinum has a tougher look. The durability of platinum also makes this precious metal absolutely perfect for men.

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Made-to-measure wedding rings

Do you have your own design in mind? Then why not go for made-to-measure wedding rings? Our experts will get to work based on your idea. You will be closely involved in the design process at all times. Once you have approved the proposal, we will then create a 3D design. This gives a good impression of how the final ring will look. Adjustments are of course possible in this phase. We will only start to make the ring once you are 100% satisfied.

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Matching wedding rings

It has long been traditional for both partners to wear the same wedding ring. It seems that more and more couples are choosing a different option. Now it is usually their own style that determines their choice of wedding ring. Matching wedding rings are also possible of course and create a pure and romantic look.

Wedding rings that go with your engagement ring

A matching set of engagement and wedding rings from BAUNAT, ideal for your wedding abroad.
There is no need for your engagement ring to disappear into your jewellery box once your wedding ring is on your finger. So choose a wedding ring in a style that goes with your engagement ring. This engagement ring and wedding ring set is a perfect solution.
There are plenty of things to take into consideration when organising a wedding abroad. But it is definitely worth the effort to take this step. It will be an unforgettable experience in wonderful surroundings for both you and your guests. Be sure to find out about the local traditions and customs. Perhaps you can even include one or more of them in your wedding ceremony. And don't forget: wedding photos from these unique locations will enable you to still look back on the best day of your life in years to come.

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Getting married abroad is definitely recommended and it is an experience that will stay with you for a long time. Do you also know which dress you will wear and what kind of dress code there will be? Will you go for vintage wedding rings, matching ones, or diamond wedding rings? And how will you be sure not to forget anything? Find out about this and much more in the blogs below.

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