On 1 October 2017, “Marriage for all”, or more formally put, the right to marry for same-sex couples, finally became law in Germany. Gay engagements and marriages have already been possible in the Netherlands since 2001 and in most US states since 2004. On 1 October 2017, “Marriage for all”, or more formally put, the right to marry for same-sex couples, finally became law in Germany. Since that day, it is also no longer possible to register a civil partnership that previously existed as a partnership-marriage hybrid. This new regulation, of course, does not affect civil partnerships that were already registered before it came into existence. 

But do gay men wear engagement rings? If the ring fits, there is no reason not to wear it. There are no norms around gay men wearing engagement or wedding rings and it’s ultimately up to you to decide. 

  • Appropriate gifts for marriage proposal
  • Tips for the perfect proposal

What Is The Best Way To Propose To Your Loved One?

Do gay men wear engagement rings? Well, for a man-to-man marriage proposal, engagement rings are not necessarily common in countries where same-sex marriage has existed for a long time. Oftentimes a beautiful bracelet or an expensive watch is given to the respective partner. But the engagement ring remains the most classic symbol for the promise of marriage – regardless of if you are a man, woman or transgender.

It does not have to be a feminine-looking solitaire engagement ring; something like a beautiful, simple white gold or platinum ring would be perfect. To distinguish it from the wedding ring that follows, it might be a ring that has small diamonds set on the side. This kind of ring can also be beautifully engraved.

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Are you unsure about the ring size and your future husband’s taste? You can either secretly measure against an existing ring, or you can try to find out what fits and pleases him during a harmless shopping spree. Looking at engagement rings would be a bit conspicuous, but maybe your boyfriend wears rings anyway.

Do not be afraid to talk about a proposal! Even if the actual proposal is to be a surprise (which it does not necessarily have to be), it never hurts to talk about joint plans for the future and marriage beforehand. The path to marriage is a big step for every couple, and as with all important decisions in life, misunderstandings can best be avoided by talking about them first.

When planning, you should consider what type of person your boyfriend is. Is he more extroverted and enjoys sharing experiences with friends and family as a large group, or would he rather enjoy the proposal in an intimate setting over a romantic dinner? It is particularly important to be cautious with public proposals in front of large audiences. Even if you would like to declare your love for him in the most beautiful way possible in a public setting, not everyone is especially keen to be the centre of attention – especially if there are strangers around.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I propose with the standard BAUNAT packaging?

BAUNAT diamond jewels are packed in beautiful jewellery gift packaging. This packaging includes a BAUNAT jewellery box, shopping bag, guarantee card and cleaning cloth. 
With its black velvet lining, a classy creamy cover, and a smooth texture, our standard BAUNAT ring box is perfect for your proposal.

Just as with our diamond jewellery, only the best materials are used for our packaging. 

What can I have engraved in an engagement ring?

An engagement ring with an engraved message (inside or outside, both are options) is so much more personal. What you have engraved in the engagement ring depends on your wishes (although it must of course be technically possible): a name, date, a short message in your handwriting, the title of your favourite music, a fingerprint, a quote, etc., or why not your marriage proposal?

Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Tips on measuring for an engagement ring.

  • How can I secretly measure their ring size?
  • How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?
  • When is the best time to take their measurements?

Buying a diamond or gold engagement ring is a beautiful way of showing your love, but it is no mean feat. Even if you know which rings they love and have decided on a detailed design, you still need to figure out your loved one’s ring size. Can you buy an engagement ring without knowing the size? Unfortunately not, but there are ways you can measure their ring size without them noticing!


How can I secretly measure their ring size?

What if you would like to surprise your intended with a gold or diamond engagement ring? Can you buy one without knowing the size? How can you buy a diamond ring as an investment that fits them like a glove as well? There are various ways to find out their ring size in secret. The best way is to borrow a ring from their jewellery box that you are sure fits them perfectly (making sure that they wear it on the right finger!). Place it on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring with a pencil. Using a ruler, you can then measure the diameter. With this approach, there is a bit of a margin of error; it is often difficult to determine the widest point of the circle, as a ring is seldom perfectly round.

How do I go about measuring my loved one’s finger?

Do they know you are planning to buy them a new ring? This makes matters a lot easier and means you do not have to buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. You can measure their finger easily using BAUNAT’s free synthetic ring sizer or by downloading our paper version. This method results in a reliable measurement, and you will be sure you are using the correct measurement unit. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurements, you can always have the ring size measured professionally at BAUNAT.

You do not buy a gold or diamond ring every day. With a professional measurement, your ring will undoubtedly be the ideal size.

When is the best time to take their measurements?

We have established you cannot really buy an engagement ring without knowing the size. But when should you measure their finger? Which time of day is perfect for a professional measurement? It is best to measure the finger’s circumference in the evening. By the end of the day, their fingers will be warmer, resulting in a larger circumference than at other moments. The difference may not be visible to the naked eye, but it will make a difference regarding ring size.

Now you know that you cannot do it without knowing the size, how can you buy the perfect gold engagement ring for them? Which diamond ring will suit their style? Discover BAUNAT’s extensive collection or contact our diamond experts for a tailor-made jewel

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