This is it: you want to ask your girlfriend the question that sooner or later almost every woman wants to hear. With or without a kneeling, you are committed to a marriage proposal in style. Take all your courage, look for a picturesque location and surprise her with a beautiful engagement ring that suits her.

Does she say yes? Then this opens the floodgates. Is she still hesitating? Also then there is no man overboard. One thing is certain: pure improvisation is rarely the best tactic for a marriage proposal. Here you will find four golden tips:

Choose your timing and location carefully

For many women, a marriage proposal is the most beautiful question you can ask them. So do not ask the question just before she leaves for work in the morning or while she is driving the car. And yes, make sure that your phone is turned off.

Do you want to be smart? Filch innocently some information during a prior, breezy conversation. A proposal on a Friday is always a good idea, this way you can enjoy each other the whole weekend.

Take unforeseen circumstances into account

Does your future fiancée have to work late that evening? Then foresee a plan B. Do not wind yourself up. In case the circumstances are really inclement, you can always postpone your proposal. No harm done.

Does she still doubt? Even then, all the options are still open. Maybe your loved one is emotionally not ready to get married or is she just wondering whether you can afford a marriage. No reasons to be discouraged, because your offer remains valid.

Be original and stay spontaneous

You do not have to think about what other people find original and fun. You do know your future wife and yourself the best. Do not hold a long speech, but be spontaneous and look her in the eyes. 

Buy an engagement ring that suits her

Plans are forged, now you have to buy her an engagement ring. In the online boutique of BAUNAT, you can find the nicest offer of engagement rings in Belgium. From solitaire engagement rings in white gold to platinum engagement rings with pave setting. In all colours and sizes at the best possible prices on the market, since BAUNAT sells mostly online.

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