Diamond is the perfect gem to celebrate the most important moments of a lifetime. This pure and inalterable stone represents the strength and the beauty of a couple. Choosing the most precious gem of all is sealing your love for eternity.

Diamond qualities

A diamond wedding band is the symbol of nobility, beauty and prestige. The quality of diamonds goes along with the 4Cs which include color, clarity, cut and carat.

However, four other criteria influence the quality of the stone such as proportions (very good or excellent), symmetry (very good or excellent), and polish (very good or excellent).

The main kinds of diamond wedding bands

There are plenty of diamonds, but the most popular wedding bands are:

  • Half set diamond wedding bands that provide a very important luster thanks to diamonds being set on one half of the ring.
  • Fully set diamond wedding bands which are set with diamonds all around the ring and offer an incomparable brilliance.
  • Wedding bands with scattered diamonds containing bits of very fine diamonds all over or on a part of their circumference.

The most popular settings are:

  • The channel setting has the specificity of having two gold rails firmly holding the stones in place.
  • The grain setting contains small gold balls keeping the diamonds together. This type of wedding ring leaves great memories to the married couple.
  • The illusion setting gives the impression that each gemstone has been carved into the metal, which increases the glitter of the diamond.
  • In the claw setting, each diamond is maintained by 2-8 claws coming to pinch each stone. The prong setting is the most common setting technique.

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