One single diamond or accompanied by gemstones, kitch or more minimalistic... fashion also has an influence on bridal jewelry. Flowers are an important source of inspiration for designers. Just think of the colorful flower walls at Raf Simons’ first Dior show or the recently held Marni Flower Market to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand. Flower prints are still very fashionable, summer and winter. Flowers continue to capture the imagination.

Flowers are of all times and generations, and fit perfectly with the current vintage trend. Nature was often the source of inspiration for antique bridal jewelry. Just think of ‘the flower’ or ‘the whirl’ and many other authentic classic styles that reflect this vintage trend perfectly. Lady Di’s engagement ring is the best known example, the earrings version is currently very popular with expectant brides. And since colored diamonds and gemstones never been so popular, it all may be colorful and outstanding again. We also offer a wide selection of jewelry with a ‘natural’ touch.

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