It is a nightmare for many women (and men). Suddenly you discover that your beautiful diamond ring has disappeared. The sentimental value, of for example an engagement- and wedding ring is irreplaceable. Together with the diamond ring all memories disappear as well. There are several ways a person can lose their ring and usually is occurs unnoticed. 

The ring is too big

The main cause for losing your ring, is that in many cases the diamond ring is too big. Which ring size you need is difficult to determine. Best way is to buy (or to get) the ring a little bit smaller that after removal, it will leave a visible sign on your finger. Precious metals adapt, so over time the ring will perfectly fit your finger.


While wearing a diamond ring, it can cause damage. This way, the ring will get fragile and can easily slide off your finger. It is therefore important that as soon as you notice that there is something wrong with your ring, you immediately visit the jeweler for reparation.

Beaches and sunscreen protection

Especially with the summer and beach holidays coming you have to extra careful. If you notify that your diamond ring is already loose around the finger and using sunscreen protection, then the chance of losing your ring will be big. Therefore do not bring your rings to the beach or swimming pool. This way you reduce the risk of loss or damage.


Remove your diamond ring before you start with your household activities. An accident can easily happen, especially because you are mainly focused on cleaning and not the fact that you are wearing a ring.


Young children are attracted by the brilliance of a diamond ring. They love to play with it. After playing, they will place the ring somewhere you can´t find it. Therefore a lot of mothers do not wear their rings while playing with their children. Do not forget to store them safely. Never leave a diamond ring in easy reach of children.

Of course any loss should not outshine the purchase of a diamond ring. Please feel free to take a look at our extensive collection.


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