Fire, brilliance, scintillation. Three essential terms that describe what a person sees when looking at a diamond. Together, they form what we would call the overall cut appearance and directly depend on the cut of the diamond.


Fire would be the element that is seen more easily to a wider number of people. It is the rainbow colours that can be seen face-up when moving a stone under light. The light enters the diamond and is dispersed into spectral colours.

Fire is one of the features that is more commonly looked for in a diamond, it gives it life and energy in a particular way. It also distinguishes it from coloured stones that do not reflect this rainbow effect or not as intensely.


Brightness or brilliance as most people like to call it, is the element due to the internal and external reflections of “white” light specifically, which is seen in a diamond when viewed face-up.

Brilliance is as important as the other two elements when assessing the cut grade. It gives the diamond the brightness that is so characteristic of it, it is part of what we call the Adamantine lustre.


Scintillation is the contrasting light and dark areas within the stone that flash as a direct result from internal and external reflections seen in a diamond when viewed face-up. The viewer, the diamond or the light must be moving in order to best see this flash effect or sparkle. This is an important element in that if the size, arrangement and contrast between the bright and dark areas isn’t balanced, the stone may appear dark or dull.

Influence on diamond prices

As mentioned earlier, these three elements are crucial in assessing the cut grade of a diamond. The overall balance of their patterns is really very important. For instance, should a diamond be too deep, there is light leakage and therefore the diamond doesn’t display fire. Should the angles of the crown or the pavilion be too steep or open, the diamond will reflect more dark or bright areas creating an unbalance in the appearance when viewing the diamond face-up.

All of these effects certainly affect diamond prices. As seen before, the better a cut grade the higher the diamond prices all other characteristics being the same. And the cut grade will not be excellent if the diamond does not have the perfect cut, polish and symmetry.


BAUNAT strives to provide the most perfect diamonds you may wish for. We strongly believe in perfect cut grades as they are the ones that really enhance a diamond’s beauty by delivering amazing fire, dazzling brilliance and beautiful scintillation.

Should you wish to know more about these 3 unique elements and the overall cut grading system, please do no hesitate to contact us. We offer the most unique diamonds for very competitive diamondprices.

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