A minimalistic bracelet with a maximum appearance. Not all women are fans of extravagant jewellery. Sometimes minimalism can look just as elegant as an imposing jewel. You probably know the phrase "less is more". And this applies in the world of jewellery too. A little sparkle on the wrist is often more than sufficient to complete your outfit.


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What is a fine bracelet?

A subtle and basic jewel can be the icing on the cake with many outfits. Fine bracelets are so easy to combine that they match every look. You can also mix and match these bracelets. This means they are suitable for every occasion: a party, at work or your daily look. Something will always fit with your personal style.
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For which type of woman is a minimalistic bracelet suitable?

Due to the finer model, the bracelet dangles less on the wrist and is therefore easier to wear on a daily basis. The chance of it getting in the way is less than with the more noticeable models. A fine bracelet is therefore particularly suitable for a sporty or active woman. The bracelet gives you the necessary class, without becoming an obstacle in your daily routines. But you should definitely not hesitate to wear a minimalistic bracelet at a festive occasion.

Which fine bracelets will you find at BAUNAT?

You will find various sorts of fine bracelets in the collection from BAUNAT. We have a wide range of tennis bracelets, chain bracelets and more so that you will always find something to suit you.

We will introduce you to a few of our favourites:

The simple shape of this bracelet provides a very refined look. The beautiful white gold and carefully selected diamonds bring out the best in this jewellery.

This fine chain bracelet is a real classic and also has a vintage look with the finish in red gold. With small inlaid diamonds, you will have a gentle sparkle at your wrist. This chain bracelet can easily be personalised with beads or other pendants.

A beautiful and unique piece from our Mademoiselle B. collection. The yellow diamonds combine beautifully with the yellow gold, giving a subtle shimmer at your wrist. Looking for something more powerful? Then you can also choose the version in white gold with black diamonds.

Will you be choosing a minimalistic bracelet soon to extend your jewellery collection? Or maybe you're looking for a designer bracelet? Then let our experts advise you, online or in the showroom.
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