Vena Amoris

The ‘Vena Amoris’ is de Latin name for the so called ‘vein of love’. The origins of the phrase ‘Vena Amoris’ are unclear, but according to traditional beliefs this vein would run from the fourth finger  of the left hand (ring finger) directly to the heart. This connection to the heart would then be the reason why engagement and/or wedding rings are now worn on this finger. This use of a ring to symbolize a bond can be traced back to Ancient Egyptian culture. The exact origins of wearing a ring on the ring finger however are very difficult to verify. This is because there are many sources that contradict each other and none of them are really conclusive evidence. There are for example cultures where the wedding ring is worn on the right hand, which claim to have a historical connection to the Vena Amoris when cultures where the ring is worn on the left hand claim the same thing.

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