What do terms such as Wesselton and Top Wesselton stand for?

When you look at diamond jewellery and diamonds in general, you will notice that diamonds appear in all kinds of different colours. Regarding white diamonds, you will sometimes be confronted with terms such as Wesselton and Top Wesselton. To assist you in your search for the perfect diamond, we would like to clarify their meaning.

In essence, the following holds true for colourless diamonds: the whiter the diamond, the higher its value. The terms Wesselton and Top Wesselton refer to the former names for the colour hues of a diamond. Today, the colour of a diamond is indicated by different degrees of whiteness, denoted with letters ranging from D to Z, as you can see below. The terms Wesselton and Top Wesselton correspond with G and H respectively, in the new classification system. These two colours are standardly found in our extensive collection of diamond rings and other diamond jewellery.

The diamond qualities standardly offered by BAUNAT are G-VS2-VG and H-SI1-VG. Both guarantee a diamond with a beautifully white colour, without a yellowish hue and with only a few small inclusions, hardly visible with the naked eye. Moreover, all diamonds selected for you by BAUNAT have an intense brilliance. This is because they score high on cut quality, a diamond characteristic that is not to be underestimated.

Of course, not everyone opts for a diamond with a white colour. However, coloured diamonds are scarce and therefore more expensive. Red, green, purple and orange are the rarest colours, followed by the popular pink diamond. Because they are so unique and unusual, these colours don’t fall under the D-Z classification. They are assessed according to the GIA Coloured Diamond Colour Grading System, which takes into account the hue, tone and saturation of the coloured diamond.  

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English denomination

Old denomination


Finest white +



Finest white



Fine white +



Fine white

Top Wesselton





Lightly tinted White +

Top Crystal


Lightly tinted white



Tinted white +

Top Cape


Tinted white

Top Cape


Tinted colour



Tinted colour

Low Cape


Tinted colour

Very Light Yellow


Tinted colour

Light Yellow

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