How do I maintain and protect jewellery?

Your diamond jewellery can shine forever... With a little effort, you can easily maintain the shine your jewel had on the day you bought it. Here are a few tips to preserve its beauty and protect it against damage.

Separate all diamond jewels. Diamond is the hardest noble gemstone. Therefore, only diamond can damage diamond. To keep them shining and scratch-free, you should put them away in their original box, a soft fabric bag or a specially designed jewellery box. Beware of not packing diamonds together.

Wear it with care. Although your beautiful diamond jewel can be worn every day, it is advisable not to swim, shower, sleep, do the gardening, or play sport whilst wearing them, since this way your jewel will get damaged.

Handle your diamond sparingly. The oil deposited from the mere touch of a human finger can cause dirt to collect and make this nearly indestructible gemstone quickly lose its sparkling appeal.

Clean your diamond regularly. You can buffer up your jewellery without risking damaging it. It is easier than you think: gold, platinum, diamonds and gemstones can be cleaned with the following cleaning products:

A soft liquid soap

Plunge your jewellery into a bowl with warm water mixed to a detergent or maybe with a bit of kitchen salt or soda. Rub it with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm running water. Dry with a soft, fibre-fee cloth. Do not forget to close the drain.


Place your jewellery in a bowl filled for 3/4 with warm water and for 1/4 with ammonia. After half an hour, rub it with a soft toothbrush. Rinse, and let drip dry.

Professional cleaning

An optimal cleaning will be obtained through the use of ultrasonic cleaners which remove impurities on the ring and diamond thanks to vibrations. These machines are very good for an easy cleaning of jewellery with many corners and edges pearls. 

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