Can I purchase a jewel in the showroom and take it immediately with me?

A visit to our showroom is on appointment only. It is in most cases not possible to take the jewel immediately with you if you decide to purchase it during your visit, since we start the production process of our diamond jewellery once we received the payment. Thanks to this production on demand, we are able to deliver high quality diamond jewellery at an exceptional price/quality ratio. After having received your payment, our craftsmen in Antwerp manufacture your diamond jewel by hand. This allows us to offer the high artisanal quality that BAUNAT stands for. By creating unique jewels by hand, we can finish the jewel in much more detail, and reach a clearly visible higher quality compared to a jewel of mass production. The production process of a jewel listed on usually takes 1-10 working days, depending on the specific design and the material. For a tailor-made design jewel, you need to calculate approximately 4 working weeks. However, in very few cases, the jewel or loose diamond is in stock in the showroom, and can be taken immediately with you after we have received your payment.

During the production process, you will be kept up-to-date on every step. An estimated delivery date will be communicated to you as soon as the jewel is ready for quality control.

After the production process is completed, we can send the jewels by insured shipment to an address of your choice, or you can pick up the jewel in our showroom.

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