What aspects do I need to consider when choosing between an 18kt gold ring and a platinum one?

BAUNAT jewels are made out of gold or platinum and contain diamonds of the best quality. White gold and platinum appear almost exactly alike, however, platinum is stronger than gold and is therefore better resistant to damage. The gold that BAUNAT uses is always 18 carat, whatever the colour (white, yellow, black, brown or pink). This means that it is 75% pure, mixed with 25% of silver, copper, palladium or other metal. The metal, with which the gold is mixed, comes to determine its colour. It is less expensive than platinum and is also more easily damaged as the metal is softer and more malleable. Platinum will not lose its luster and perfectly white colour with time. However, when white gold is properly taken care of and polished in due time, it will also shine for many years. BAUNAT has professional cleaning machines for diamond jewelry in its offices, and offers its customers the service to safely clean their jewel.

If you are allergic to a specific material (for example to nickel or cobalt), you can always contact our experts, so that they can advise you in making your choice.

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