When shopping for a solitaire ring, a couple of ideas that first come to mind in terms of shape of the diamond are for example: round, princess and maybe cushion.

Round cuts are in a category of their own for solitaire rings, and then you have what are called fancy cuts.

What are the Fancy cuts?

There is quite a selection to choose from in terms of fancy cuts which are all really a question of taste: from the princess cut, to the emerald, the cushion, the heart, the pear and the marquise, including a few more that are actually named after their inventor such as the Asscher cut for example.

But today we will delve more into the Marquise cut and its origins.

Origins of the Marquise cut diamond

The marquise cut, often called navette - which means “little ship”, features today 56 facets and an elliptical shape with pointy ends.

Its origins date back to France in the 18th century, and more precisely during the reign of King Louis of France. That period has always been known for its extravaganzas and the Marquise cut is no doubt one of them.

King Louis of France commissioned a jeweller to outline a diamond based on the shape of the lips of his Mistress, famous Madame de Pompadour. Its actual name Marquise comes from one of the many society ranks that were used in those times, the rank “Marquis”, which is between a Count and a Duke. It is said that marquis would wear marquise shaped diamonds to show off their rank in public.

The diamond cut then was by far not as precise and refined as it is today, but definitely had a boat shape like appearance that we would instantly recognise.

Buying a Marquise solitaire

Although as said earlier marquise cuts are not the first shape that comes in mind in terms of solitaire rings, it is a beautiful versatile shape that offers this unique look one could be looking for.

  • First of all, based on the size of your hands and fingers, you can decide to have the marquise set in a north/south style, which elongates the fingers or could decide to have it set in an east/west style which really stands out in terms of design.
  • Because of its shape, a marquise cut solitaire looks larger than you would think based on carat weight, meaning you can purchase a large stone for a lesser price than a round or princess diamond with the same carat weight.
  • Its shape is so original and uncommon on the market that you can just set it on its own, on an elegant white gold or platinum solitaire ring and it will look wonderful.

Should you wish to purchase a Marquise solitaire ring, BAUNAT will be delighted to help you choose the most beautiful diamond and design the perfect ring for you.

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