Your wedding is one, if not the happiest day of your life, which is why you have to love every second of it and try to make those dreams you had as a little girl come true.

Many women have dreamt of their wedding day since they were little, and that dream is usually based on a fairytale and of course a princess. Which is why romantic ladies at heart often wish for a glamorous, elegant, princess-like wedding that involves an extravagant gown, a castle-like venue and last but not least fabulous gold jewellery.

  • The princess dress
  • Princess jewellery

The princess dress

If you want a fairytale wedding with a wedding gown as extravagant as that of princesses at royal balls decades ago, you need to love ballgowns with long trains made of noble materials such as silk and lace. Ballgowns with huge skirts actually dominated bridal fashion in the ‘50s. The wedding gowns went through different phases as fashion does, but the wedding ballgown style was always available to those who preferred it.

Princess dresses are often made of delicate materials such as lace because lace represents elegance and finesse. Depending on your personality it can be slightly see through, for example on your arms and around your waist to add a little touch of modernity. Or lace can be used only in small parts of the design such as the arms or a part of the bodice. Whether you like a busy but elegant dress or a more simple one, as long as it is the dress of your dreams that is what counts.

Princess jewellery

Once you have the princess dress, you need to think of the princess jewellery to make the fairytale even more perfect.

To this date, nothing says fairytale and glamour more than a tiara. Tiaras are the ultimate princess-like wedding jewellery and they continue to be regularly adorned by royalty. In fact, just recently, Princess Eugenie wore a stunning emerald and diamond tiara when she married Jack Brooksbank in October this year.

To complement a princess gown, you need statement jewellery. Elaborate gold diamond jewellery that will make you shine and sparkle from a distance. An intricate gold necklace inspired by royalty, dangling diamond earrings that look like a myriad of flowers, or a tennis bracelet that looks like a river of diamonds are all pieces of gold jewellery that are perfect for a fairytale wedding.

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