• Many women daydream about an exclusive diamond engagement ring, and for some, this dream might just become reality.
  • They are asked for their hand in marriage with a stunning diamond ring, sometimes set with rare coloured diamonds.
  • Have you not yet found a beautiful diamond ring? BAUNAT has an extensive collection of exclusive engagement rings.


Many women dream of a beautiful, exclusive diamond ring, and for some, this dream becomes a reality.  These women are lucky to have a future spouse capable of choosing between a series of stunning engagement rings and are happy to gift their loved one a big, sparkling diamond. Join us as we look at some exclusive diamond engagement rings


Engagement Rings at an Exclusive Price

Beautiful engagement rings are available in every price bracket, but people who have a little more to spend, can go wild. Big diamonds in luxurious settings, set with or without rare coloured diamonds, offered at an exclusive price. Everything you can think of is possible. Although, we recommend asking for assistance, because with such an important purchase, professional advice is necessary. The basis of an exclusive engagement ring, after all, is diamonds of high quality, which are seldom discernible with the naked eye. We would love to help you with this matter.
Have you not yet found an engagement ring you want to put on her finger? Let yourself be inspired by iconic engagement rings of past and present Hollywood stars. They are an excellent source of inspiration. Afterwards you can collaborate with a diamond artisan to create a tailor-made engagement ring that suits her personal style and taste.

Rare Coloured Diamonds

If you want to take your engagement ring one step further, you can have it set with a coloured diamond. Because of their rarity, coloured diamonds are rather pricy and of course completely exclusive. Coloured diamonds exist in every hue you can think of, and their price is determined by the intensity of the colour –– the more intense, the more expensive. Engagement rings with pink diamonds are the most popular while red diamonds cost the most since they are the rarest.  Thus, if you want to really leave her speechless, propose to her with an engagement ring set with a coloured diamond.
BAUNAT has an extensive diamond engagement ring collection. Do you have a question regarding or are you interested in a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us.
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