Are you looking for unique, elegant engagement rings suitable for higher budgets and at the same time is worth its price? We have selected a few rings for you, which convince by their highest quality and exclusivity. Expensive and high-quality diamond engagement rings represent a stable, lasting value –– a worthwhile investment.

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Engagement ring with 5 carat pink diamond - Exclusive engagement rings which are worth their price can be found at BAUNAT.

High-Quality Engagement Ring with Pear-Shaped Pink Diamond

A unique pink 5-carat diamond crowns this eye-catching high-quality diamond engagement ring. While pink diamonds are rare in themselves, this one, outstanding in colour and quality, is a unique rarity. This expensive engagement ring is one of a kind and even outshines the engagement rings of many royal families and celebrities.

Besides the exquisite colour and size, the cut is particularly striking on this beautiful ring. The pear shape gives the central diamond a unique lightness.

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Besides the exquisite colour and size, the cut is particularly striking on this beautiful ring. The pear shape gives the central diamond a unique lightness.
Engagement ring with 5 carat radiant diamond - An equally expensive and absolutely high-quality and unique engagement ring with colourless diamonds.

Art Deco Engagement Ring with Radiant and Triangle Diamonds

Are you looking for an Art Deco engagement ring, with a geometric shape but a modern design and cut? Then this exclusive ring will enchant you. Featuring a central colourless 5-carat diamond in the unusual radiant cut, a combination of the emerald cut on the top and the brilliant cut at the bottom, this expensive engagement ring has fire and sparkle like no other.

This beautiful diamond is flanked by two further diamonds, each in a triangle cut of 0.75 carats, also known as trilliant or trillion cut. Together they create a very sophisticated combination of a square and two triangles, striking yet timelessly elegant.
Engagement ring with yellow cushion-cut diamond - The classic form of the entourage ring is combined with unique shapes and a very elegant central diamond.

Entourage Engagement Ring with Yellow Diamond

This engagement ring is an excellent and valuable investment. The central stone is a 5-carat cushion-cut yellow diamond in the vibrant colour "fancy intense yellow", surrounded by several oval and two pear-shaped diamonds.

The shape of these colourless diamonds forms a subtle contrast to the central stone, making this high-quality engagement ring a truly unique piece that stands out from the usual entourage rings.

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What Should I Consider When Buying an Expensive Engagement Ring?

The first thing to keep in mind is that expensive engagement rings should also offer an equivalent value. Why would you spend all that money otherwise? Many well-known brands with shops in premium locations offer expensive engagement rings, although, these are not necessarily the best value for money.

To ensure that a high-priced engagement ring is also a valuable investment, you should be careful not to invest your money into a brand name only, but into really high-grade diamonds of exceptional quality and uniqueness.

What Makes an Engagement Ring Expensive?

Apart from the jeweller's brand name and internal cost calculation, which can lead to a higher or lower price, it is above all the diamonds in an engagement ring that determine the price. When engagement rings are above a certain price level, the precious metal is no longer relevant to their worth, whether it’s white gold or platinum or any other material.

With diamonds, rarity determines the price. The larger the diamond and the better its colour, clarity and cut, the rarer it is –– and more expensive. This is why we speak of the 4C’s (Carat, Colour, Clarity, Cut) as value-determining characteristics.

Are you looking for an engagement ring off the beaten track, of the highest quality and at the best price? The BAUNAT team looks forward to advising you personally.

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