Less and less men want to get married. Often, they live with the idea a marriage makes a final end to their freedom. Nonsense, indeed. Do you have the same problem, or do you still doubt to take the big step? Here you can find 7 good reasons to ask your girlfriend to marry you with a beautiful diamond engagement ring! 

A marriage extends your life

Several studies demonstrate that a marriage extends your life. On average, single men die sooner and get more cardiovascular diseases than married men. 

• A marriage makes your wife happier

Unmarried women get the feeling they do not fit in an ideal image faster. Also, they think people often watch them with a disapproving look . A marriage therefore improves her self-image.    

More financial confidence

A marriage means also sharing costs. Though, that influences also the wedding-party, definitely in times of crisis. Moreover, there is still a small fiscal advantage for married couples in Belgium.

•You don’t have to spend your old day on your own

Unfortunately, you don’t keep on dating forever with young, attractive women. Once you are over sixty, you are not prized wild at the transfer market anymore.

• A marriage makes you more attractive

Married men are more attractive to women, which can be a boost for your self-confidence.

• Married men have more sex

Scientifically proven: married men have more sex than single men. Only 1 % of the married men have no sex for one year, for single men it’s 23%.   

• Party with family and friends

What is more entertaining than a big party with your best friends and family? You and your bride are the star of the evening, get presents from everyone and enjoy an unforgettable day.  

Convinced? The only thing you need is a diamond engagement ring. Take a look at the web shop of the online jeweler BAUNAT and find the ideal diamond jewel for your loved-one right now! 

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