• What are the practical advantages of getting married?
  • How does marriage improve my life?
  • Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?

Fewer and fewer people are getting married. The engagement ring is often considered as something suffocating, as they believe that marriage puts a definite end to their freedom. How can I nevertheless take that important step? Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?

What are the practical advantages of getting married?

Marriage not only has a symbolic meaning, on a practical level it has many advantages. The financial security that comes with getting married is most advantageous for couples. After all, not only are large life expenses shared, it has positive consequences for your retirement too. You can rest assured that your partner will not be left without income when you pass away. In addition, you also enjoy tax benefits by getting married. 

To some men, the cost of the wedding itself can seem disproportional to the financial advantages. But this does not necessarily have to be the case. Sit together with your partner and discuss what you are both are willing to spend on your big day.

How does marriage improve my life?

Getting married makes increases a couple’s happiness because of the certainty that such a commitment offers. It helps increase self-confidence and makes both partners psychologically more stable. Moreover, it also has a positive influence on your physical well-being. The stress hormone cortisol is lower in married couples, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

But how will an engagement ring affect my relationship with her? A relationship takes on a different dynamic when couples make a commitment. Do not let the pressure of organizing a wedding affect your commitment. You can continue your relationship just as you did before.

Where can I find the perfect engagement ring?

What if I decide to propose to her? How can I find the perfect engagement ring? When choose the engagement ring, you have to take a combination of factors into consideration. Look at the jewellery she already has. What style of engagement ring will complement her jewellery collection? Which precious metals does she like best? What kind of gems does she already have? Choose something that fits with the jewellery that she chose herself, and you know that the new ring will fit her style. Moreover, it is also a good idea to ask advice from her best friends and family. She has undoubtedly talked to them about the engagement ring of her dreams.

How can I buy the perfect engagement ring for her? What if I really do not know where to start? Ask the BAUNAT diamond experts for advice.

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