Would you like to gift a personal message? Present a personalized jewel to the love of your life? Or rather forever entrust a beautiful memory to a jewel? The best way to incorporate these things into a jewel, is by engraving. Engravings are currently one of the biggest trends in jewellery. You add an emotional value and it instantly make the jewel more unique and personalized. Especially wedding rings are mostly engraved, but also other jewels nowadays get a personal touch: a bracelet with a quote, a pendant with a pet name, a ring with a loving message, etc., nothing is impossible.

Hand engravings may have a longer lifespan, but modern laser techniques make it possible to engrave very precise. Making it possible to put everything that exists on paper into an engraving. Just think of fingerprints, your own handwriting or even pictures. Add the necessary diamonds and/or gems and you get a beautiful jewel that will last for generations.

At BAUNAT, we would love to personalize your new diamond jewel with your handpicked engraving.

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