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Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Find the perfect jewel for your loved one in our line of yellow gold diamond engagement rings. BAUNAT works solely with the best quality materials, guarantees perfection and offers these high-quality diamond rings at the best prices.

BAUNAT only uses the best materials: 18 carat gold (75% gold, alloy 'Au750') or Platinum 950 (95% platinum, alloy 'Pt950'). BAUNAT offers diamond rings in: white goldplatinum,, yellow gold,, red gold.

In case that you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


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BAUNAT: Thé reference for diamond engagement rings

An engagement is not complete without a beautiful diamond engagement ring. The design of the engagement ring can have different styles, but it is advisable to buy a wearable engagement ring that radiates timeless class. The diamond is the crucial component of the engagement ring. An engagement ring set with diamonds symbolizes the lifelong commitment between you and your partner. Below, you will find three different engagement ring designs. It is also possible to opt for a different design, as BAUNAT offers tailor-made rings too. For this, our experts collaborate with you to design the perfect engagement ring. Also within our tailor-made approach, you can expect to receive the best price for your diamond engagement ring.

The solitaire engagement ring

This model is the most popular model when purchasing a diamond engagement ring. Because the diamond is set in the middle of the ring, it commands attention and is the centerpiece of the ring.The most common setting for a solitaire ring is the classic 6 prong. The prongs are positioned so that the diamond will catch the most light and will sparkle the best. Six prongs emphasize the round shape of the brilliant cut diamond, while four prongs the shape will look more angular. For even more brilliance, small diamonds can be placed around the ring band of the engagement ring. These small diamonds on the ring band will make the central diamond sparkle even more.

The trilogy engagement ring

A trilogy engagement ring is what we call an engagement ring with three diamonds. The three diamonds represent the past, present and future. This engagement ring is timeless and elegant and it radiates pure luxe. Mostly, the central diamond will be larger and the two side diamonds will be a little smaller. Another possibility is also to add some colour, and choose for the central stone a coloured diamond or gemstone.

The halo engagement ring

A halo engagement ring is an engagement ring with a central diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller diamonds. The main benefit of this specific design, is that it makes the central gemstone look larger. Usually, it is assumed the central stone for this type of engagement ring is a diamond, but it could also be a sapphire, a ruby or an emerald.