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White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

White Gold Diamond Engagement Rings

Find the perfect jewel for your loved one in our line of white gold diamond engagement rings. BAUNAT works solely with the best quality materials, guarantees perfection and offers these high-quality diamond rings at the best prices.

BAUNAT only uses the best materials: 18 carat gold (75% gold, alloy 'Au750') or Platinum 950 (95% platinum, alloy 'Pt950'). BAUNAT offers diamond rings in: white goldplatinum,, yellow gold,, red gold.

In case that you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.


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Buy your white gold engagement ring set with diamonds at BAUNAT

Have you decided to celebrate the union between you and your partner? Know that purchasing an engagement ring is essential for this occasion. As the engagement ring represents your love and acts as a symbol of the coming celebration, it should reflect you as a couple, as well as your personalities. Among the different rings available on our website,, there are white gold rings set with one or more diamonds.

White gold rings in all shapes and sizes

At BAUNAT, you will be able to buy a white gold engagement ring that pleases both you and your future wife. Couples that appreciate simple yet elegant jewels, could opt for a white gold engagement ring set with little round diamonds. With your wedding rings in mind, this type of white gold engagement ring will be discreet and easy to wear.

Our online jewellery brand also features luxurious rings, with one or multiple diamonds of various sizes. Certain models include precious stones other than diamonds, to add a splash of colour to your ring. You could purchase a ring set with a ruby (red colour), a sapphire (blue colour) or with an emerald (green colour). Moreover, the shape of your precious stone could vary from round or oval, to even flower-shaped.

The price of a white gold diamond engagement ring

One of the advantages of purchasing a ring from the BAUNAT website is the excellent price/quality ratio. Our brand offers white gold engagement rings suitable for each budget. Thus, we are sure that in our selection of engagement rings, you will be able to find different models whose prices are suited to all means.