A solitaire engagement ring is a diamond ring with one diamond. This appears to remain the most popular ring with which men propose to their girlfriends, especially when they are set with a brilliant cut or princess cut diamond. We notice, however, that the number of engagement rings sold with more than one diamond increases yearly. Here, too, we quickly notice which models are in high demand. This is our top three: 

1. Halo engagement ring

Halo engagement rings are timeless and elegant, but also radiate extravagance. With a halo ring, you attract attention. With this setting, the central diamonds is encircled by little stones, causing the diamond in the centre to shine even more and to seem optically larger. Choosing a halo setting means choosing luxe. If you want your ring to look to be even more lavish you can opt for a coloured diamond  as central stone. Combined with white or colourless diamonds, this ring will be stunning. We recommend choosing for either white gold or platinum. Incorporated in one of these precious metals, a halo setting can truly shine.

2. Trilogy engagement ring

In a nutshell: a trilogy engagement ring is a ring with three diamonds in a row. Preferably you opt for 3 brilliant, whereof the middle one is the largest. One of the advantages of such a ring is that you can choose 3 smaller diamonds of higher quality. Many people want to boast one big diamond, but then have to choose for a diamond of lesser quality due to a restricted budget. In that sense, a trilogy engagement ring is a better option. Here, too, we recommend white gold or platinum. And for the person who really wishes to stand out, you could opt for coloured diamonds or precious stones as an accompaniment to the central diamond.

3. Solitaire with pave

A solitaire engagement ring is beautiful, but by adding diamonds, it becomes stunning. Moreover, a pave setting, where smaller stones are set around a central stone in a sort of checkerboard pattern or incorporated in the surface of the ring itself, is gaining in popularity. A delightful idea would be to propose to your girlfriend with a solitaire ring and have it set with extra diamonds as a wedding anniversary gift.  

BAUNAT has an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings, so feel free to browse through our website. If you are interested or you have a question regarding one of our models, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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