Throughout history, people like to wear jewellery: from homemade pieces of bone or shells to contemporary jewellery in various precious metals like gold or platinum and set with diamonds and or gemstones. It takes millions of years for a gemstone to come into existence and only a fraction of them will be mined or processed in, for example, engagement rings. The value of a gemstone depends on several factors, such as rarity and quality. We all know classics like rubies, sapphires and emeralds, but now we dig even deeper into the world of the world’s rarest and most valuable gems:


White gold or platinum engagement rings set with a sapphire in combination with diamonds are exquisite. But if you want it a little more decadent, then tanzanite is a nice alternative. This gemstone is mined only in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania and is very treasured because of its rarity. Tanzanite costs about 500 to 900 euros per carat. In short, it is the perfect stone to combine a unique love.


Taaffeite was named after the Australian gemstone specialist Richard Taaffe, who discovered this gem in 1945. Only a handful taaffeites were mined, so they are quite pricey (about 1,250 to 2,250 euros per carat). But besides its rarity, this gem is just beautiful, ranging from colorless to mauve, lavender and violet. This gem can be magnificent in engagement rings, but also popular as a collector’s item.

Red beryl

Looking for something different than a classic red ruby, something unique and more valuable, then red beryl is the perfect alternative. This gemstone is mined only in the Wah Wah Mountains in Utah. Red Beryl is 1000 times more precious than gold. Prices may reach almost 10,000 euros per carat. Add to that the color of love and passion and the fact that engagement rings are considered to be set with a red beryl, as the ultimate symbol of love, may come not as a surprise.


What makes alexandrite so unique, is that it changes color (from red to green and yellow), depending on the light. It is a marvelous gem, named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, which was originally only mined in the Russian Urals. It was recently discovered again in Brazil and Sri Lanka and went back on the market as one of the world’s most coveted stone, with a price tag that can reach 12,000 euros per carat.

Pink Star Diamond

We all know that pink diamonds are much cherished, but the Pink Star Diamond is undoubtedly the most treasured. With a weight of 59.6 carat, the stone was recently auctioned by Sotheby’s for no less than 83 million US dollars, or nearly 1.4 million dollars per carat. Do not despair: there are also smaller versions at an affordable price.

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