• What is tanzanite?
  • What is taaffeite?
  • How valuable is red beryl?
  • Why is alexandrite so special?
  • What is the Pink Star Diamond?

Did you know that it takes millions of years for a precious stone to form? On top of that, only a fraction of the precious stones that are mined can be used in jewellery like an engagement ring. Diamonds are rare themselves. But what if I want an even more unique stone? Maybe something like tanzanite or a red beryl engagement ring?Let yourself be tempted by these extremely rare and valuable gems.


What is tanzanite?

White gold or platinum engagement rings set with a combination of sapphire diamonds are beautiful. Did you know that sapphire is the birthstone for those born in September? Do you want something more exclusive? Tanzanite is a great alternative. The precious stone is only mined in the foothills of the Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania and is very valuable because of its rarity.

Tanzanite costs about € 500 to € 900 per carat. In short, the perfect stone to celebrate a unique love.

What is taaffeite?

Taaffeite was named after the Australian gemstone specialist Richard Taaffe, who discovered this precious stone in 1945. Only a handful of taaffeites have been mined, making them quite pricey at about € 1,250 to € 2,250 per carat.

Aside from being rare, this precious stone is a stunning colour, ranging from colourless to mauve, to lavender and violet. Beautiful in her engagement ring, but also very popular as a collector's item.

How valuable is red beryl?

Are you looking for something other than a classic red ruby? Something more unique and much more valuable? A red beryl engagement ring is the perfect alternative. It is only mined in the Wah Wah Mountains in the American state of Utah and is worth 1000 times more than gold. The prices can run up to nearly € 10,000 per carat.

Add to that the colour of love and passion, and it is not surprising that an engagement ring set with red beryl is considered the ultimate symbol of love.

Why is alexandrite so special?

What makes alexandrite so unique is that it changes colour - from red to green and yellow - depending on the angle of the light. A beautiful gem, named after Tsar Alexander II of Russia, it was originally mined only in the Russian Urals.

Recent discoveries in countries such as Brazil and Sri Lanka have brought this stone back to the market as one of the world's most sought-after stones, with a price tag that can range up to € 12,000 per carat.

Are you still looking for a unique engagement ring?

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