Both sapphires and diamonds have their own distinctive qualities and both are beautiful options for engagement rings. The deciding factor really lies in people’s individual style and taste. BAUNAT has put together a summary of the two options, as well as a solution for anyone who does not want to decide: a distinctive and contemporary two-stone ring with a diamond and a sapphire!

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The brilliance of diamonds: classic elegance

Diamonds are by far the most popular choice for engagement rings.  A symbol of purity, longevity and eternal love, diamond rings have long been tied to proposals and marriage. The clarity and the association with everlasting passion have made the diamond the number one gemstone for popping the question.

White diamonds are the most common option, set apart by their brilliance and shine. Undeniably, there are different types of diamonds, defined according to several criteria: in addition to colour, other benchmarks such as carat weightclarity and cut are considered. 

If the woman in your life prefers a classic and elegant style, an engagement ring set with the perfect diamond could be the ideal option.

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The blue of sapphires: a powerful talisman

A protective talisman, sapphires are a symbol of strength, loyalty, and peace. The stones owe their blue colour to the presence of iron in the mineral. Sapphire blue is believed to bring couples patience and serenity. Sapphires with green or grey reflections are less sought after, as they are mined all over the world. The blue stones from Burma, Sri Lanka and Kashmir are among the most prized.
Crowned heads and other celebrities have all succumbed to the charms of sapphires: for example, Lady Diana's ring (later worn by Kate Middleton) features a central oval Ceylon blue sapphire. Sapphires also have a certain vintage vibe that has enjoyed great popularity, especially in recent years.

If your sweetheart prefers a more vintage style, a sapphire might just suit her and the rest of her jewellery.

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Diamond vs Sapphire: how to choose

When it comes to diamonds and sapphires, there are some major pros and cons.

Diamond pros: exceptional durability, resistance to damage and scratches, superior shine, traditional stone for a marriage proposal.

Sapphire pros: great durability, character, original and personal choice.

Cons: Sapphires are more susceptible to damage and can lose their sparkle without proper maintenance. Diamonds are typically more expensive and making diamond rings is more complex.

Why not choose both?

If you really can't make up your mind, we have good news for you: you can actually combine a diamond and a sapphire in a beautiful and on-trend two-stone engagement ring. 

This technique brings together two stones to create one piece of jewellery. These rings typically feature two diamonds, but you can choose your own original combination, like a white diamond and a blue sapphire. And it doesn't have to break the bank! Our BAUNAT experts can help you perfect your ring design, selecting two precious stones to make your proposal even more unique.

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