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Engagement rings for the modern woman

Engagement rings for the modern woman

  • The modern woman loves innovative trends and unique design elements.
  • Three classic models transformed into a contemporary version, with which every man is guaranteed to impress her.
  • Didn't find a diamond engagement ring yet? At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection.

The modern woman embraces innovative trends and unique design elements, in order to create her own style. With design elements we mean the diamond shape, the choice of gemstones, the claws, but also references to other movements, such as Art Deco.  For every woman this can be different, and as a man it is very important to take this into account when searching for the perfect engagement ring. As inspiration, we would like to present 3 models of diamond engagement rings, transformed into a contemporary version, and therefore ideal for the modern woman.

  • 2.00 carat solitaire diamond ring in white gold From USD 2.450
    (excl. VAT)
  • 0.75 carat solitaire diamond ring in white gold with side diamonds From USD 2.080
    (excl. VAT)
  • 0.50 carat solitaire ring in white gold with princess diamond From USD 980
    (excl. VAT)

Trilogy engagement rings

The trilogy engagement ring is a classic among the engagement rings. Three diamonds for the price of one, which woman wouldn’t want that? But by adding unique elements, you can achieve a real eye-catcher. Think of a coloured diamond as a central stone. Or why not let the central diamond be accompanied by a coloured gemstone? By choosing her favorite colour you will make the diamond ring even more personal.

Art Deco engagement rings

Jewellery designers are increasingly influenced by Art Deco. Fortunately, because jewellery from that era is not that easy to find and is usually quite pricey. This style flow is characterized by geometric shapes and beautiful coloured diamonds and/or gems. In contemporary jewellery collections, we can see a clear influence of Art Deco. It is therefore not difficult to find a diamond engagement ring in this style. Perfect for women who love vintage, but also prefer a glamorous and timeless feeling. Still haven’t found a suitable model? We would gladly assist you in a tailor made design.

Red golden engagement rings

Red gold has been popular for a while now, but nowadays this precious metal also has find its way into the world of engagement rings. By manufacturing a classic engagement ring in red gold, such as the solitaire ring, the total result will exude a sophisticated vintage feel. You do not have to fear that this warm toned precious metal will not suit the rest of her jewellery collection. These days’ different colours of metals are being worn together.

We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of engagement rings. Do you have questions about or interest in a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT

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