It may seem obvious, but half the time, people use the terms 'engagement ring' and 'wedding ring' interchangeably. Both striving to be the most important ring around the ring finger of a woman/lady. The diamond engagement ring announces a marriage and wearing both rings shows that, after the wedding, the woman is no longer 'available'. Where formerly only the engagement ring was set with diamonds and/or gemstones, many couples nowadays opt for diamond wedding rings. And then of course there can be confusion.

The engagement ring is in principle the most eye-catching. Most often, people tend to choose a traditional ring with a (big) brilliant, the so-called diamond solitaire engagement ring. Timeless elegance is a winning game. Have this stone flanked by more diamonds is also aesthetically pleasing. Currently, engagement rings set with coloured diamonds and/or gemstones are very popular. Wedding rings are usually more modest, although it is becoming more common to set them with diamonds as well. Nowadays, the jewellery may be more conspicuous. Also, couples more often choose wedding rings which differ from each other, allowing to keep their own identity within the relationship. Nevertheless, for some cultures the wedding ring still is a simple precious metal band, without any diamonds or other details, like a golden wedding ring without any gemstones. However, at BAUNAT, we recommend choosing wedding rings set with the brilliant diamonds. Not only are the rings more eye-catching, the diamonds never lose their brilliance.

Both the engagement ring and the wedding ring, are being put on a woman’s finger at a different time. So is the marriage proposal always accompanied with the gift of a diamond engagement ring. Then again, wedding rings are being exchanged during the wedding ceremony, where the couple promises eternal loyalty to each other. Sometimes the wedding ring matches the engagement ring, but mostly it serves as a showpiece in itself.

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