Are you buying an engagement ring in 2021? Until now, you would have opted  for a yellow gold ring, but today, manymore engagement ring trends are to be considered. However, one thing hasn't changed: the diamond is still the mostpopular gemstone.

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      Engagement rings are becoming more and more original

      When choosing an engagement ring design, the only limit is your imagination. At BAUNAT you can find rings made of precious metals and gemstones that result in every desired style. You will have no trouble finding an engagement ring that truly suits your partner to be.

      In the past, a solitaire ring was appreciated the most, but the new engagement rings  in 2021 are highly original models that appear truly creative and modern.

      Diamond cuts in 2021

      In 2021, we see a lot of original diamond cuts in the engagement ring trends. The classic brilliant , for example, makes space for the engagement ring with an oval shaped diamond. Because of its special cut, the oval diamond seems larger. You may wonder why? An oval diamond has a larger surface than  a brilliant of the same carat. So an oval diamond of 1 carat seems to be about 10% bigger than a  round one of the same carat weight.

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      Additionally, we also see the comeback of the pear-shaped diamond among the engagement rings. The elegant and unique pear- shaped diamond is popular for various types of jewellery. In a diamond pendant, the neck is accentuated thanks to the length of the pear shaped form. In a ring, pear-shaped diamonds make the hand look slimmer by pointing to the end of the fingers. Few diamond jewellery pieces have a stone with a pear shape. That is what makes them so unique and original. Moreover, a pear-shaped diamond has an elegant and royal appearance.

      Gemstones and birthstones

      When choosing an engagement ring, diamonds are no longer the most popular option. Also gemstones and birthstones are on the rise. Choose a gemstone that suits the character of your future partner, for example a sapphire, emerald or ruby. These rare and unique gemstones give your engagement ring a special look and will surely be the center of attention.

      Birthstones can be precious stones as well as more ordinary coloured stones. Each stone is associated with a particular month. Although it is often considered to symbolise a particular star sign. However, this is not the case. The stones have each been given unique characteristics. An engagement ring with birthstone is an original and unique gesture to your loved one.

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      Rose gold engagement rings

      Rose gold is an alloy of fine 24-carat gold combined with copper and silver. The metal has a pink appearance  and is slightly different from the colour of red gold. Today, it is impossible to imagine life without rose gold as a fashion colour. More and more people are choosing a rose gold smartphone or smartwatch, and this tint is also often found in clothing.

      According to the Knot, the famous American platform that is all about marriage, red and rose gold have a deeply romantic meaning. White gold is said to represent friendship, while yellow gold indicates loyalty. Red and rose gold, however, signify true love.
      The warm shade of rose gold makes it ideal for every type of woman. The classic rose gold solitaire ring, for example, is perfect for a bride with a rather minimalist style. The rose gold reflects a certain sobriety, but also gives off a warm glow in contrast to the central diamond. Ladies who prefer to be a bit more eye-catchy, tend to go for other settings. Rose gold rings with a vintage touch, perhaps? The romantic hue of rose gold combined with subtle milgrain details is a brilliant example.


      The vintage trend has been on the rise for about 30 years now. A vintage engagement ring will almost always be yellow gold or red gold, while many modern rings are made of white gold or platinum. Also, a vintage engagement ring more often contains a coloured gemstone than a diamond. If you want to be a bit more extravagant, opt for a red gold ring with a green emerald. Unique, stylish and a true dream for vintage lovers.

      Not only vintage engagement rings are very popular, also rings with subtle references to flowers are on the rise. These references can be found in details like coloured stones or a halo setting  that resembles the crown of a flower.

      If you can't find what you are looking for, choose a customised engagement ring.

      An engagement ring with personal meaning

      Choosing from all possible engagement rings can be quite the challenge. As you already know, choose a ring that complements your personal style. But also the symbolic value  of the type of ring can help you making your choice. For example, the eternity ring represents eternal love  and loyalty with diamonds all around, just like the brilliant solitaire with the round central stone.

      The trilogy ring symbolises your past, present and future in three sparkling diamonds. Again,  it is still very important that the ring fits your personal taste perfectly. Of course you can also add a personal touch by engraving a romantic message on the engagement ring.

      Have your engagement ring engraved for a personal touch.

      How do I choose engagement ring trends that stand the test of time?

      Opting for trendy diamond engagement rings can sometimes result in ending up with a dated piece  of jewellery. Although diamonds stand the test of time very well, and almost always ages  gracefully, you better make sure you don't go too far into trends. It is especially important to choose something that you truly love and that suits your personal style. That way, after the engagement, you can combine rings and other jewellery with your special engagement ring in a finished and timeless look.

      Also, when you choose a classic engagement ring, you better opt for one that perfectly complements your personal style and the rest of your jewellery collection.

      BAUNAT's expert jewellers are ready to create your brand new engagement ring. Read our most valued advice on buying an engagement ring in 2021 here.
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