• an original engagement ring for 2018
  • Pink gold tops the list for an engagement ring
  • What is a double diamond ring?

Are you looking to buy an engagement ring in 2018? While yellow gold has always been very popular, today the trend in engagement ring is towards pink and white gold. But diamonds are still a popular decorative precious stone. Click on this link to see the catalogue of white gold engagement rings of Bijouterie BAUNAT.

Ever more original engagement rings

When it comes to creating engagement rings, it's clear that imagination is the only limit. Precious metals and stones are available in all styles, and it's easy to find the engagement ring that best suits their loved one.

When making an official marriage proposal, it's traditional to offer a ring. The choice of an engagement ring in 2018 is important: it is a symbol of your love and commitment to the woman you want to share the rest of your life with.

In the past, solitaires were very popular, but the new engagement rings of 2018 are original creative and modern.

Also, if you can't find a style to suit you while searching the BAUNAT website, expert jewellers are ready to fulfil your wishes by creating the engagement ring of your choice.

For an engagement ring in 2018, pink and white gold are popular choices, while diamonds retain their reputation of being a sublime precious stone, a symbol of love and commitment.

Pink gold at the top of the list                                       

A resolutely modern precious stone, pink gold is winning over more and more women. Pink gold has the advantage of giving off a certain warmth and, pink being a decidedly feminine colour, this precious metal can't fail to seduce. It is obtained through the alloying of gold with copper and silver.

Its ultra feminine colour is a perfect match for any type of precious stone, and with a diamond, the combination is sublime. For a perfect combination, in 2018, an engagement ring will be embellished with rose gold and a black diamond. Just work with your jewellery to design the style of your engagement ring.

Double diamond rings for a modern fiancée

To make sure you make the right choice, remember that one of the 2018 trends when it comes to engagement rings is the double diamond ring, like this model in red gold with diamonds. What sets it apart? The illusion of floating that the ring gives once on the left ring finger, the diamonds being face to face.

Expert jewellers from BAUNAT are at your service for the creation of your new engagement ring. Click on this link if you need advice buying an engagement ring in 2018.

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