• Solitaire rings only have one stone and should be an eye-catcher.
  • Both men and women like to wear platinum.
  • Platinum is rare, sustainable and therefore a little bit more expensive.

Looking for a timeless engagement ring? Or for an alternative to the classic yellow gold solitaire rings as wedding rings? Both brides and grooms love platinum rings –– this beautiful precious metal that radiates pure luxury can be fully shaped, adjusted or polished to your taste, and can even have a matte finish. Why choose a platinum diamond engagement ring? There are multiple reasons why! 


The Solitaire Engagement Ring Setting

Set with only one stone, solitaire rings should be eye-catchers! Here, the alloy you choose plays a critical part. Engagement rings in white gold or platinum are still the most popular choices and a major advantage of platinum is, of course, its natural white hue –– a timeless colour that makes the diamond of a solitaire ring shine even brighter. Couples also often choose platinum for wedding rings.

For Him and Her

Both men and women like to wear platinum. In our extensive collection of wedding rings, you will therefore find many different platinum designs. This precious metal is hard to bend and its hardness makes it ideal to be set with diamonds. Does the bride prefer multiple diamonds or would she rather have a solitaire ring? Everything is possible with platinum. Also, this alloy is easy to maintain, which is why there is still a lot of antique platinum jewellery in circulation. Possible scratches or other signs of age and wear in platinum rings are easily removed by polishing the ring or using non-scratching platinum cloths. However, men often think that the “worn” look that appears after a while gives an attractive masculine touch to the ring.

Sustainability and Price

Platinum is a precious metal, meaning it’s much rarer than other alloys. If you put all the mined platinum in the world inside a swimming pool, it would barely reach your ankles. Therefore, the rarity and high demand cause platinum to be a bit more expensive than yellow or white gold. Platinum is used for more applications than you likely expected. This precious metal is even processed in many mobile phones. But of course in small amounts.

You see, platinum is a sustainable choice for your engagement ring or wedding ring. Would you like to know more about this gorgeous precious metal or about other alloys for solitaire rings? Let yourself be inspired or contact the experts of BAUNAT.
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