When you propose to your loved one, you obviously want to slide the perfect engagement ring on her finger. Fortunately, there is a suitable ring for every style and personality. From the real classics to unique pieces, you are guaranteed to find your engagement ring in BAUNAT's range.

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Classic engagement rings for ladies

The classic among engagement rings is undoubtedly the solitaire ring. This simple ring has a single striking diamond that really draws attention. A diamond in a solitary ring has a setting with 6 prongs or claws gripping the diamond. Thus, the diamond is not completely surrounded by precious metal and reflects the light optimally, creating extra sparkle.

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Trilogy engagement ring
The trilogy ring is another classic engagement ring. This ring has three diamonds that symbolise the past, present and future. That's why it is so sought after as an engagement ring. You don't necessarily have to choose three diamonds, you can also combine a diamond with two gemstones.
Yellow gold and white gold are the most common precious metals in an engagement ring, and is easily combined with different styles and diamond settings. In addition, you can also opt for the less classic red gold or rose gold or the more expensive platinum.
Engagement ring with oval shaped diamond

Minimalist engagement rings for ladies

If a sober, minimalist engagement ring suits your fiancé better, you can opt for a solitaire ring or bezel setting. In addition, the central diamond is completely surrounded by a thin metal band.

Another minimalist engagement ring is the ring with a channel or rail settingSeveral small diamonds are set side by side. This creates a sober but very elegant look that makes the ring also popular with men. Similar to the channel setting, is the pave setting in which many small diamonds are also placed side by side and secured with small prongs. Rings with this setting are also often called and alliance of eternity ring. They are extremely suitable as engagement rings because they symbolise infinite love.

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Finally, you can also opt for a 'Toi et Moi' ring.  That's a ring with two diamonds in a sober design. The two diamonds refer to the connection between two souls and are similar in size to symbolize the balance in the relationship.

Halo engagement rings

With a halo setting, we place side diamonds around the central diamond, making the latter appear bigger than it really is. The cut of the diamond is usually round with a halo engagement ring, but the central stone can also be a cushion cut or pear shape.
Engagement ring with oval shaped diamond

Unique engagement rings

If you are looking for an engagement ring that stands out from all others, you can opt for a tension setting. The jeweller uses a laser to create grooves in the ring's precious metal between which the diamond is wedged. As a result, the stone appears to float and reflects the light optimally.

To add an original touch to your engagement ring, you can also opt for more unique materials such as red gold. This adds a vintage look to an engagement ring for ladies and therefore combines well with striking diamond settings.
Finally, you can also always have an engagement ring custom made. In addition, almost any engagement ring can be provided with a personal engraving. Our experts will be happy to help you with your wishes and assist you with advice.

Want to know more about engagement rings?

If you have any questions about buying an engagement ring, BAUNAT is happy to assist you with advice and expertise. Read more in one of the articles below.

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