Finding the ideal engagement ring is no easy task,because there are so many choices available. It should suit you and your partner, be easy to wear in everyday life, match with other pieces of jewellery and the price must be within your budget. We have put together some ideas and considerations for you, which will help you in the search of the ideal engagement ring.

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Engagement ring idea, a striking engagement ring with two diamonds  - An engagement ring with two differently cut diamonds

Which design and material to choose for engagement rings?

When looking for engagement ring ideas, the first step is to find the appropriate design and the material from which the engagement ring should be made. The spectrum of materials ranges from classics such as gold in various shades and platinum to new, exotic materials.

In order for you to enjoy your engagement ring for a long time and without any problems, the high quality precious metals are the best choice. They combine a beautiful look with a high level of robustness and value. For allergy sufferers, a platinum engagement ring is the safest choice, and at the same time it is the hardest of all precious metals for jewellery. Gold or platinum have yet another advantage: the number of possible settings and the way the gemstones are held in the ring, allow for a wide range of optical variations.
The most popular design is the solitaire engagement ring, a diamond ring with a single central stone that either stands alone or is surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. Creative ideas are beautiful. Nevertheless, most women like this very classic variation best, partly because everyone immediately thinks of an engagement ring when they see it.

Apart from that, there are no limits to your ideas and imagination. The offer ranges from engagement rings in modern designs to rings in old style, such as Art Deco rings. Does your sweetheart want to stand out? Then the engagement ring can also be extravagant. Those who prefer understatement choose a minimalist or classic style.

You would like to realize your own engagement ring ideas and already know what the ring could look like? With a custom-made engagement ring you can actively participate in the design process and create your own highly individual engagement ring together with experienced jewellery experts

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Engagement ring with a pink diamond in pear shape  - An engagement ring with two differently cut diamonds

Which gemstone is suitable for an engagement ring?

The undisputed classic among the gemstones for engagement rings is the diamond, which enchants with its fire and sparkle and shines on the finger. Not only does it have lasting value, it is also the hardest of all gemstones and reliably withstands the usual stresses and strains of everyday wear.

If you want to add colour, this can be done for example with a blue sapphire, green emerald or red ruby. These gemstones give the ring a very special touch. If you have a higher budget, there are also coloured diamonds which are not only exceptionally scarce, but also particularly valuable and beautiful.

What should I consider when buying an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is a piece of jewellery whose emotional value could hardly be higher. It is a one-time purchase that symbolizes a very important step in your mutual relationship. Nobody should go into debt for an engagement ring; at the same time an engagement ring should show appreciation and recognition. For a better orientation, you can check the average prices for engagement rings, for example.

Go for quality! An engagement ring should ideally please you for a lifetime. Compare prices, because especially with a digital jeweller you enjoy many advantages such as a large selection in all ring sizes, a generous return policy in case you don't like the ring and you also save money compared to large jewellers or jewellery chains with lavish stores.
Engagement ring with a pink diamond in pear shape  - An engagement ring with two differently cut diamonds
Unusual engagement ring ideas are beautiful. However, remember that the ring should be worn on the finger every day, in the office as well as in leisure time or for festive evening events. A classic and timeless design often offers more flexibility and combination possibilities than a particularly unusual ring.

The perfect surprise marriage proposal needs to be well planned. If you need help with choosing the right ring, friends and family are the best and most discreet contacts. They know your loved one best, and can judge what she likes and what she doesn’t. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Are you looking for an engagement ring and would like to get professional advice from our experts? BAUNAT’s team will be happy to help and are looking forward to your contact.

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