• The traditional engagement ring: the solitaire
  • How to recognize a modern engagement ring?
  • How to choose between a modern and classic engagement ring?

Choosing an engagement ring is never easy, but it is an essential element for the marriage proposal because it symbolises the two people’s future union and their love for each other. So how can the groom find the perfect ring for his future bride?

How do you navigate the host of models you find in jewellery stores or online? Here are a few details to help you decide between traditional and modern engagement rings.

Traditional Engagement Rings: the Solitaire

In most countries, tradition says that it is the man who offers a diamond engagement ring to his future wife. Usually, the ring is a solitaire design that the bride will put on her left ring finger until her wedding. BAUNAT has several tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring.

However, among the model variations for traditional engagement rings, there is the possibility of opting for a solitaire adorned with diamonds on its side. This time the engagement ring is accompanied by several diamond stones and can, for example, be part of a trio.

The engagement ring can also be a family heirloom, with an antique design with several coloured stones surrounding the large diamond or vice versa. These pieces are often appreciated for their timeless aspect.

How to Recognize a Modern Engagement Ring?

It’s not only traditional engagement rings that can be used for a marriage proposal. Indeed, you can also opt for a trendier and modern engagement ring model. In this case, the future groom can choose a model with a less conventional style, perhaps in the form of a wide ring.

Even though diamonds are a safe bet and popular choice, the modern engagement ring may contain stones of a completely different type. More colourful, you can match the ring with other jewellery for an even more impressive effect. You can pair a solitaire gemstone with a circle of diamonds, as in Kate Middleton's engagement ring.

How to Choose between a Modern and Classic Engagement Ring?

To be discreet and trendy, the engagement ring can combine both modernity and tradition. To get an attractive model, the groom will have to rely on the setting, which is the main factor when it comes to the modernity of engagement rings.

Indeed, the engagement ring can take various forms to show off the bride's finger. Crimping can also be a way of determining whether the ring is modern or not. We must not forget that rings without a claw are increasingly popular among brides and grooms.

Are you looking to offer an engagement ring whose design combines tradition and modernity? BAUNAT offers many models to suit your desires and your budget. If you need advice, contact our team now.

Alternatively, our team of experts will happily help you design your own engagement ring through our tailor-made service.
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