After your loved one has got down on one knee and has made a dream proposal, you will also travel together to a dream location Or do you want to propose to your partner on location?  You probably want to keep your engagement ring close to you. But are you allowed to have an engagement ring in your hand luggage in times of extreme security checks? BAUNAT would like to provide an answer to these delicate questions.

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What is allowed in my hand luggage?

In order to know for sure what is allowed in your hand luggage and what is not, we recommend that you inquire with the travel agency and the airline with which you are flying Gold engagement rings are usually allowed in hand luggage.

Verlovingsring in ringdoosje van BAUNAT zodat het juweel niet schuurt.
Make sure you store them securely and do not put them loose in your hand luggage. Pill boxes are an ideal solution for storing jewellery The separate compartments prevent them from rubbing against each other and getting damaged.  The larger jewels that do not fit in the small compartments can be stored in resealable bags.  Optionally, you can put a label on it with the contents.

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To prevent your necklaces from getting tangled during the trip, you can thread them through a plastic straw.  This prevents a lot of annoyance and damage.

How do I get the engagement ring through security safely?

Verlovingsring van BAUNAT in doosje.
If you want to propose to your loved one while travelling, it is of course not the intention that he or she finds out about your plans at the airport. So, be sure to keep the ring in your hand luggage. The baggage scanner alarm system will normally not go off if it detects a ring in your luggage. An engagement ring in your pocket will lead to an extensive search, and you want to avoid that at all times.

If you don't want your secret to be exposed, it's not a good idea to test the rules. So be extremely careful not to keep anything in your hand luggage that would make a customs officer want to search it. Remove all electronics and metal from your case before putting it through the scanner.

To be on the safe side, you can stick a <strong>note on the box</strong> with its contents. If a customs officer sees this note during a check, he will hopefully remain discreet.

Why should you fly through East Midlands Airport?

East Midlands Airport in Great Britain has found a virtually watertight solution to get your engagement ring through customs without your partner even noticing. If you are planning to smuggle an engagement ring with you on a trip, you can email the airport. You will receive an email back with a phrase as a secret code.

In the case, that you are pulled out of the line for an extensive search of your luggage, simply say the sentence and you will be taken to a different line than your partner. If the ring is then retrieved from the luggage, your partner will not see it. In this way you can concentrate on your proposal without any worries with an engagement ring in white gold  or another specimen.

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How can I buy her perfect engagement ring?

Proposing to her is an important step in your relationship. There are many steps before getting on one knee. That is why we are happy to give you some tips to ask the question without stress.

How can I buy her perfect engagement ring?

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